Month: June 2018

Software Engineer got AC installed finally with the advise of Chan Brothers in Singapore

Eun Jung is a 24 year old software engineer who was born in the Chinatown area of Singapore. Eun Jung always liked to be independent and she has been a loner since she was very little. She remembers how she liked to be alone away from her parents, away from her sister and her two brothers. After Eun Jung got a job at the age of 21, she decided to shift to the Novena area and live alone. It had been 2 years already and Eun Jung didn’t get an AC fixed at her new rented house due to the fear of the electricity and repair/servicing bills. Eun Jung had a stereotype that ACs are very expensive to run and maintain.

In this year only, she was passing by the Woodlands area when she saw the board of Chan Brothers, she finally thought of asking them how much would it be per month to maintain and run an AC. The Chan Brothers told her that the cost of maintaining an AC is chachki if she is getting her aircon servicing in Singapore by honest experts like Chan Brothers.

Eun Jung finally got an AC installed and she is very happy with the decision.

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You can get rid of geckos without killing them and we have a example to show you how

Chaiya was born in Khon Kaen. Chaiya lived his hometown and birthplace so much that he wanted to do something for the city before he passes away. Chaiya wasn’t good in studies and spent most of his time socializing while he was in school. In the class, he would think about playing outside, after he reached home, the only thing he thought about was hanging out with his friends.

Chaiya didn’t go to a college. He only finished his 12th grade and after that wanted to start a new business. He asked his parents for the money to do so but his parents refused because they didn’t believe that he can be successful in anything other than socializing.

Chaiya started planning day and night what he can do that will make the city a better place and also become Chaiya’s means of livelihood for the rest of his life. Chaiya came to a conclusion finally that a health club would be a perfect idea. Chaiya went to his parents again and they refused him any money, then he went to his grandparents who had saved a great amount of money invested in gold and silver. They agreed to give him the money but put a condition that Chaiya must return it within 2 years. Chaiya complied and started his health club in a basement.

Due to Chaiya’s social connections, Chaiya’s health club was gaining members everyday until the geckos also heard that they can build a great body going there. There were more geckos (ตุ๊กแก) in his gym now than the total number of members.  One of the health club member and Chaiya’s childhood friend then told Chaiya about a product available at the Shopee that can totally get rid of the geckos without killing them. Chaiya bought the product the very first day and his health club is now totally gecko free. Not a single gecko in his gym anymore.

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British schoolgirl Ravit is learning the Filipino language with the help of Lambingan

Ravit is a British schoolgirl who wastes time all day all night on the computer. She is a great student but she is not interested in sports or anything. She goes to the school and when she is in the school, she is in the school totally, but once she comes back her computer time starts. She plays video games all day, watches Youtube videos, does Twitch Streaming and doesn’t stop until she has to go to sleep.

Once by accident, Ravit became obsessed with the Filipino culture and everything about the Philippines. She started searching about the Philippines on the internet including Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and by accident discovered a website called Lambingan.

From the very first day that Ravit discovered Lambingan, she forgot all about the video games, Google searching useless things, Youtube videos, Twitch streaming, etc. She has been watching the drama series and other TV programmes on the Lambingan and spends all her time doing that after coming home back from the school. She is also learning the Filipino language using the Lambingan and her parents are happy that she is not killing her time like before doing nothing, at least she is learning a new language now.

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Top eBay Power seller is making huge profits with the help of a Human Resource Company


A top eBay power seller who is making millions a month had to hire several employees for his eBay business, but he doesn’t have any experience of human resource management. He didn’t know where to be strict and where to be soft with his employees. He hired all the female staff because he thought it would be easier to deal with them, but to his surprise, looking at his inexperience and clumsiness, his female employees would take him for a long ride each day.

In the United Kingdom, it is very hard to find the right staff for your company if you do not know what you are doing. The eBay seller invested all his money in growing up his business that he didn’t even buy a house of his own. He still lived in a rented house and his house was also his office and therefore a huge one. It had a garage and a warehouse as well.

He wanted to take a course in the human management but he was afraid that he will lose his regular customers and his listings ranking at the top for some of the most popular keywords if he takes an off from the work. He was under great confusion. He knew that his employees were taking him for a ride and he asked them all to leave him alone and don’t come back again.

He started doing it all himself. He would package the products himself, handled the purchasing, shipping and everything himself only to find out that he couldn’t do 10% of it. He was getting over 2 thousand orders in a day and he even couldn’t fulfill 200 of those alone. Finally, he took a bold step, he went to and hired the company for training his newly hired employees. Today, he is running one of the most successful eBay businesses ever and fulfilling over 5000 orders a day. His profits are crazy too.

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Drone companies using Plastic Molding Companies in China for the packaging of their products

One very infamous drone company that I would not like to name here when started off, didn’t have any idea of running a company prior to this one. They had no idea where to get the packaging done. They didn’t know about the marketing. They just created the product and were thinking that sky is the limit. They didn’t know that the real thing starts afterwards.

They decided that they will go with the plastic packaging for their drones. They didn’t have an idea that the best Plastic Mold companies are situated in China nowadays.

The company is a US based company and they chose a local company for the plastic packaging of their products. They didn’t have an idea what they were about to see. The packaging was full of burn marks and blisters.

They had a long argument with the company owner until he showed them the contract papers that there will be no refunds or exchange.

The husband and wife were determined that they will get their packaging done with plastic only and will not launch the product in the marketplace until and unless everything is spectacular. They flew to China and hired the best and one of the most popular Plastic Mold companies that there is.

Today, their drone company is one of the most popular in the world and they make tens of millions dollars an year. They give credits for the success of their company to several people including the plastic mold company in China that does package their product.

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It is never too late to get enrolled into a university, learn from our star of the day, Jenny

Jenny Weber is a German politician. A rising star in the world of Hamburg’s politics. She aims to become the health minister of Germany one day. Jenny Weber went to the fakultet zdravstvenih nauka after a year of working as full-time Amazon seller.

Jenny was very restless from the very beginning. In her childhood too, she was a very impatient girl and the things got worse as she grew up. She has always been very intelligent and she acknowledges her high IQ very well and so do her parents. An older friend of Jenny Weber and one of her aunts are full-time Amazon sellers and looking at their income and their lifestyle, Jenny herself thought of becoming one after completing the school.

Jenny got wonderful grades in her twelfth grade and instead of pursuing higher education, she decided to be a full-time Amazon seller just like her aunt. Jenny’s parents told her that this business is unreliable and you will not enjoy the status that you could if you become an engineer. Jenny wouldn’t listen and started crying each time she was asked not to become a full-time Amazon seller.

Finally, Jenny’s parents agreed and gave her all the money she demanded to start selling on the Amazon. Her aunt too was ready to help her financially, but she asked her to first get consent of her parents which she finally did. Jenny’s aunt also played a role in getting her parents agreed to let Jenny pursue her dream of becoming a top Amazon seller.

All of Jenny’s enthusiasm went down the drain after only 6 months of becoming an Amazon seller when she started incurring losses instead of the profits. She met a lot of abusive buyers and that’s what made it happen. Her aunt told her a couple of tricks to avoid the abusive buyers but now Jenny wouldn’t listen. She quit as an Amazon seller and after 6 months enrolled into a university for higher studies.

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Car enthusiast hates his driving job, wishes if he would have focused more on his studies

Sergio is a 39 year old car enthusiast. He just loves cars and he has several reasons for it. Cars are his life. He breathes them. Fortunately, he gets to drive some of the most expensive cars for hours a day. He drives a Mercedes GLS, a BMW X6, and a Toyota Landcruiser Amazon. Unfortunately, while driving, a thought and a voice keeps bothering him that goes like “You are just a petty useless driver Sergio, you can never own one of these luxury cars. You will end up a driver or maybe you will die unemployed as there will be no need for the drivers after about a decade. There will be self-driving cars all over the world soon enough.”

Sergio’s best childhood friend went to Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla while Sergio started working at a nearby real estate service hoping one day that he will be one of the biggest real estate builders in the country if he works hard enough at the job.

The spring always comes after the winter and we hope that one day Sergio will get to drive his own luxury cars instead of driving that of the owner’s. We have heard thousands of stories of the people making it big who couldn’t be successful in the beginning.

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Muncul di Youtube, saya perlukan muzik, memberikan saya beberapa lagi

Charlie (nama palsu) ialah seorang pemain dram bes British yang popular dan sebahagian daripada salah satu band yang paling popular di England. Charlie adalah seorang lelaki yang sangat jolly dan akan berkata apa-apa pada muka anda yang ada pada fikiran-Nya. Beliau adalah seperti itu untuk semua orang, kawan-kawannya, ahli keluarganya dan rakan-rakan perniagaan beliau juga.
Band ini digunakan untuk perjalanan jauh. Sebaik sahaja mereka di Malta itu dan pemilik salah satu daripada syarikat-syarikat rakaman yang terbesar di dunia adalah juga ada bersama mereka. Pemilik syarikat rakaman seperti sentiasa adalah sangat kurang ajar dan berkelakuan seperti beliau memiliki semua orang di sana.
Selepas acara telah berakhir, Semua orang mabuk, pemilik syarikat rakaman dan Charlie lisan yang kuat melawan yang selepas beberapa ketika telah bertukar menjadi pergaduhan fizikal. Charlie memberikan pemilik syarikat rakaman yang menewaskan bagus. Pemilik syarikat rakaman yang telah diambil ke hospital. Selepas menjadi sedar, pemilik syarikat rakaman yang dipanggil semua lain-lain pemilik syarikat rakaman utama dan penganjur dan meminta mereka Jangan sekali-kali menandatangani band untuk sebarang lawatan atau album.
Band memutuskan untuk membuang Charlie keluar dari band dan dapat berhubung dengan pemilik syarikat rakaman itu siapa Charlie pernah bertempur dengan. Pemilik syarikat rakaman berkata “Okay, anda boleh kini bekerja dengan saya dan kawan-kawan saya.”
Band mula melawat dan rakaman album baru lagi tetapi Charlie ditinggalkan semata-mata. Charlie tidak dapat tidur pada malam dan semua impiannya telah rosak. Charlie merasakan cheated oleh kawan-kawannya. Charlie’s keadaan selepas seketika menjadi begitu teruk bahawa beliau telah pergi ke doktor yang ditetapkan kepadanya ubat tidur. Hanya selepas 3 minggu, Charlie memulakan Youtubing dan sekarang sedang membuat lebih banyak wang daripada beliau sebagai seorang penyanyi band melalui Youtube.

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Ukrainian guy got ripped off by car dealer, no worries, he’s got the Spotify

Andriy from Ukraine newly became a United States citizen. Andriy was sort of an antisocial guy and wouldn’t make friends easy. He decided to buy a car and went to a local dealer for second-hand cars. The dealer after hearing his broken English decided to rip him off and he successfully did.

Every other weekend was a trip to the local mechanic for Andriy and that’s when he got to know that he has been ripped off badly. Andriy decided to take some action in his tough Ukrainian style but then stopped. Andriy downloaded Spotify Premium Android and listened to his favorite Ukrainian songs all night long drinking Vodka.

Andriy drove a Lada back in Ukraine and was so excited to buy his very first Chrysler. All his expectations went drown the drain after that rip off incident. Now, Andriy decided that he will work very hard make lots of money and buy a new car within 3 months.

Andriy did work really hard indeed but it took him 6 months to buy a new brand new Lexus LS. He now has an all-American girlfriend who is more than happy to have him and Andriy is enjoying his life the American way.

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A lazy guy’s life changed with this one little idea

After completing his matrix, Gouresh decided to do the college through the correspondence. Gouresh had always been lazy. Gouresh was lazy since the day he was born, instead of playing with the kids when his mother would take him to the park, he would just look at the other girls and boys play. Once he started going to the school, during the playing period, he would sit in the corner and watch other kids play.

His parents didn’t like his decision of doing the college through correspondence but Gouresh stuck to it. For the first month, Gouresh studied very hard, but after a month he resorted to his laziness and would do nothing play video games, watch television or Youtube or sleep like crazy. On an average, he slept 12-15 hours a day. His parents were very angry on him but they wouldn’t utter a word to him about it.

Finally, the exam time had arrived and Gouresh wasn’t prepared for it at all. He didn’t even study hard during the exam days and would read for a couple of hours each day. He failed and was scolded badly by his parents.

He decided that college wasn’t for him and started working for his uncle who was a constructor and a small time builder as well. His uncle would later on get him in touch with a big builder of the town and hence the poor days of Gouresh were about to over. That big builder built a housing society in a new area where no prospect would agree to live or invest, he was spending money like crazy on advertisement but nothing worked. One of Gouresh’s school friends used to work for email marketing India and Gouresh knew that this friend of his can help in this case. Gouresh called him and got his friend in touch with the builder, builder replied that he had no time and asked Gouresh to do whatever he thinks is right, invest as much money as you want, just ask him for it and he will give Gouresh the money that he asks for. Gouresh did the same and they sold all the houses that they built. Now, Gouresh is the builder’s most favorite employee and gets treated by the builder like his own son. He doesn’t get a fixed salary, but the builder provides him with whatever he asks for. Gouresh has it all now, a car, a house, a wife and 2 kids, and a bright future ahead.

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Teche in Plexiglass

Come trasformare la vostra mobilia di ufficio in soldi segreti che fanno la macchina?
Hai bisogno di clienti? Devi fare quello che serve allora. Costruire clienti non è un compito facile, in particolare in questo momento e data. Quando si hanno 7,5 miliardi esseri umani che vivono in quello che noi chiamiamo un villaggio globale. Non è più nemmeno un villaggio globale; Ora è diventata una strada globale, infatti.

C’è stato un tempo in cui vendere la tua roba era troppo facile, oggi non lo è. Devi competere con ciascuno e tutti coloro che è abbastanza intelligente per farsi/se stessa una parte di questa competizione di strada globale e avete bisogno di fare in modo che si è meglio di loro.

Uno dei modi per assicurarsi che il cliente non si sposta in qualsiasi altro luogo è che si acquista la migliore mobili cercando per il vostro ufficio, e per assicurarsi che non marcire via nel giro di pochi mesi, è anche necessario assicurarsi che sia abbastanza durevole. La maggior parte dei giocatori di villaggio globale al giorno d’oggi utilizzano mobili e cose correlate costituiti da acrilico. Teche in Plexiglass viene nei colori e nelle forme differenti pure.

Ci sono diverse qualità si dovrebbe cercare nei mobili e il venditore di mobili. Qualunque cosa il venditore della mobilia dica circa la durevolezza del prodotto, dovete calcolarli fuori voi stessi. I venditori di mobili sono in tutto il mondo, vendendo i loro servizi online e offline. Non sempre Ottieni quello per cui hai pagato. È nella vostra mano per fare le scelte giuste.

Proprio come avete bisogno di carboidrati nel vostro corpo per produrre energia, ma mangiare più di quanto il vostro corpo ha bisogno di trasformare i carboidrati in depositi di grasso, allo stesso modo la vostra azienda ha bisogno di investire in mobili, edificio per uffici e cose correlate, ma spendere di più influenzeranno la qualità del prodotto/servizio.

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Kathak Dancer cured her Plantar warts with Wartrol within 6 weeks

Sheena was a Kathak Dancer. Dancing wasn’t just her passion, it was everything to her. She would be taunted by her friends and relatives all the time for not losing any weight even after dancing for hours and hours each day, but she wouldn’t listen to anyone. She was asked to join a gym instead by almost everyone familiar with her and stop wasting time doing the Kathak dance which they suggested has never helped her in losing her weight and wasted hours of her each day, but they wouldn’t understand that Kathak was her life, not something that she did for losing weight.

On a hot sunny day while doing her regular Kathak dance, Sheena experienced tenderness and pain on her feet. She thought that it is nothing to worry about and some normal pain. Each day the pain started rising, and then one day she noticed small ugly lesions on her feet. She was already depressed due to her fat and now this. She knew that these were plantar warts and that’s exactly what made her depressed the moment she looked at her feet. Her best friend already suffered from this condition and she was told that there is no cure for this. But Sheena was determined that she will get rid of these little ugly monsters by hook or by crook.

She started her research the very day she got them. She looked for a solution everywhere. She researched everywhere to find a product that can cure it for certain. She didn’t even use internet very much, the only things she used her internet was to connect to her friends on the Facebook, Whatsapp, or check her emails. She searched the Yahoo for how to get rid of planters warts and found thousands of products at her disposal. She didn’t even have an idea which website to trust and which one to not. She called a friend of her and he told her to buy only from either Amazon or eBay. She opened eBay and ordered 3 products at once. After her mother got to know about it, she made her cancel all three products and scolded her that these products will react to each other and your feet will suffer more.

Sheena’s mother’s best friend was a doctor, the very moment, Sheena’s mother called her best friend and she suggested that only one product can help in this condition and that’s Wartrol. After applying for 6 weeks, Sheena’s plantar warts went away and never came back.

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