Eun Jung is a 24 year old software engineer who was born in the Chinatown area of Singapore. Eun Jung always liked to be independent and she has been a loner since she was very little. She remembers how she liked to be alone away from her parents, away from her sister and her two brothers. After Eun Jung got a job at the age of 21, she decided to shift to the Novena area and live alone. It had been 2 years already and Eun Jung didn’t get an AC fixed at her new rented house due to the fear of the electricity and repair/servicing bills. Eun Jung had a stereotype that ACs are very expensive to run and maintain.

In this year only, she was passing by the Woodlands area when she saw the board of Chan Brothers, she finally thought of asking them how much would it be per month to maintain and run an AC. The Chan Brothers told her that the cost of maintaining an AC is chachki if she is getting her aircon servicing in Singapore by honest experts like Chan Brothers.

Eun Jung finally got an AC installed and she is very happy with the decision.