A Swiss male singer who created a couple of superhit songs in the wild 80s was recently asked in a TV interview how he spends his days nowadays. His response was really unexpected, he told the interviewer that he does go for a morning walk at 6am, comes back after about 1 hour and then plays computer games for hours and hours and his favorite game is robux and he even does know where to get the free codes for the same, and the place isĀ https://freerobuxcodes.club/

The interviewer then asked him when did he got addicted to the video games and he replied that he always was a video game addict, even when he was a child. He recalled his addiction to the strange video games of the late 60s and the early 70s, in the late 70s, he started giving most of his time to the singing and in the mid-80s, became a popular star.