Month: December 2018

She hates Germany but loves technology, her android wrestling video game is one of the best

Imelda Bensaid (name changed) claims estrogen rich foods increase testosterone in men and estrogen in women, Imelda says that the only way the estrogen rich foods can harm the men is by the aromatization process and that process will convert the excess testosterone into estrogen because of the excess testosterone, not because they inhaled soy or anything.

Imelda has traveled the world and she says that no country is as boring as the Germany. Imelda says that Germany is so boring that she cannot stop yawning whenever she is there and she misses her home so much in Germany that it cannot be described in words.

Imelda loves to read history and she claims that the Industrial revolution was nothing less than the miracle of the sun back in the day. She says that the tech revolution cannot be even compared to the glory that the Industrial revolution brought about. She says that those were the magical days of the history.

Imelda has read a lot of Islamic history and religious texts as well and she says the claim that Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed broke 9 swords in one battle that lasted only for hours is an exaggerated lie. In reality, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed broke only 3 swords in that battle.

Imelda has done an extensive study on the Indian subcontinent and she claims that the ministers in Pakistan are chosen by the people sitting in the White Office, Washington DC, United States. According to Imelda – “Pakistani ministers who protest against the drones are traitors who themselves report to the NATO about the persons that the United States of America or Europe is looking for. Many times those guys are innocent and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the times, more innocent people than the accused are hurt or/and killed than the guilty ones. The government of Europe or USA doesn’t even bother to say sorry for the death of the innocent men, women and kids.”

Imelda recently got a wrestling android video game built by one of the most professional Indonesian android application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android). The video game turned out to be much better than Imelda herself expected.

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Once a toilet cleaner, Leyna now stays at the most expensive suite of the Emerald Cove, Koh Chang

Leyna Tequila (name changed) started her career as a toilet cleaner in a 5 star hotel of Lyon, France, today she owns the most successful packaged fruit juice company of France and one of the most successful in all of Europe.

Leyna says that her experience has taught her that wealthy people are a lot more civilized than the non-wealthy ones. Leyna says that the wealthy people are better friends, better family members and almost everything else. According to Lena, “It is better to have one wealthy friend than a string of poor ones.”

Leyna gives privacy and freedom the utmost importance in life and that’s the reason why whenever she travels to Koh Chang from France, she hires nothing but a Thai Happy Taxi. Leyna was the first person to have reviewed Thai Happy Taxi on Trip Advisor and the rest is history, at the time I am writing this post, there are 712 excellent reviews for the Thai Happy Taxi firm on Trip Advisor.

Leyna remembers the days when she used to sell banner advertisements on her websites. After going back home from her toilet cleaning job, Leyna would research the internet checking how she can start making money on the internet. Within 4 months, Leyna came across this idea of creating and popularizing a website and then selling banner advertisements on the same. Within 9 months of embarking her online business journey, Leyna had successfully multiplied the number of websites that she owned to 11 websites and she was making as much money selling banner advertisements on her website as she did with her toilet cleaning job, after 3 more months, she was making more money than her toilet cleaning job with selling banner advertisements on her website. After 5 more years, she started her own little juice factory, 3 more years and that juice factory had been transformed into a packaged juice selling company and the rest is history.

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Miami’s smartest professor is getting married to a West Palm Beach Richie Physician in March of 2017

Mia Cortis (name changed) is a very intelligent academic champion who is considered to be one of the smartest professors ever in the college that she used to teach in.

Mia was compelled to resign from the job after another female professor made fake accusations against Mia. There was no way to prove or deny those accusations but it definitely destroyed the reputation of Mia as a professor, Mia started hating the atmosphere of the college after that and decided to resign finally.

Mia’s subject is not history but she has a great interest in the mainstream history and biblical history as well. Mia claims that some mysterious Jew discovered what is now called the city of David aka Jerusalem.

Mia loves Jews so much that she is getting married to a Jewish physician from West Palm Beach in the month of March, 2019. This physician (Mia’s fiance) is a real loud mouth who laughs out very loud too, when he was booking the venue for their wedding, he kept laughing like crazy while talking to the people that own the venue. The oldest among them even said to him – laugh all you can before the March, you won’t feel like laughing after that, I am married for 27 years and I know how it feels.

Mia’s fiance is a very rich man who inherited several bars and pubs after the death of his grandfather. While Mia still drives the Ford Ecosport and calls it the kids’ Range Rover, her fiance owns a fleet of Landcruiser, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and last but not the least, Bentley.

Mia’s fiance has a great interest in religions, arts, music and technology.

While Mia dresses better than her favorite movie stars, her fiance dresses like a nerd. Steve Jobs used to dress better than Mia’s fiance.

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Catholic considered Islam and Hinduism before turning atheist, the only religion that he follows currently is called texnologia

Francis Valavanis (name changed) used to teach mathematics in a school within the same neighborhood that he lives in. After learning about the spread of Islam at such a large scale within such a short span of time, Francis decided to become a Muslim himself believing that accepting Islam will result in his own good luck. Francis made a smart move, he decided to read the Quran and other Muslim scriptures and stories only to find out that most of the things that Islam preaches are unscientific. The thing that Francis started detesting most about the Islam is that Islam preaches inbreeding.

Francis then turned to ISKCON Temple and after learning that Krishna – the supreme god of ISKCON asked his younger sister to marry her own first cousin – Arjuna, Francis left his interest in Hinduism as well.

The thing that made Francis most interested in Islam was the success of all the Arabian countries in finding oil beneath their land. Francis believed that it was by the grace of Allah and Allah is the one and only real god.

Francis even started building his own company that manufactures gadgets and tech related products after he decided to accept Islam believing that the Allah will be on his side and nothing will be able to stop him from becoming the next Li Shufu.

Unlike most other religious people turned atheists, Francis didn’t choose the way of alcoholism, drug-addiction, whore-mongering and questioning the purpose of life but he instead focused on expanding his business.

Francis is still running that gadget manufacturing company but he hasn’t borrowed any loan like he was planning to earlier in a hope that Allah will help in all his business ventures, the only thing that has been helping Francis nowadays are top tech and gadget blogs like texnologia.

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Chronic diseases are a punishment by the divine and a trip to Thailand is a boon by the same divine

Friso Walter (name changed) claims that beautiful women stare back at him more than the ugly ones. Anybody who has even once seen Friso can easily deny his claim as he is a really ugly man. If you tell Friso on his face that he is ugly, he will revert back to you telling you that it doesn’t matter to the women, they only care about a man’s confidence.

Friso is a software engineer who works with a major multinational IT company. Friso loves to play snooker and listen to the Hebrew music as much as he loves to make love those Thai beauties in Bangkok. Friso travels to Bangkok at least thrice a year to have some fun and Friso’s journey usually doesn’t end there, he loves to visit other Thai cities and towns as well. Friso made a trip to Thailand in the month of August this year as well, Friso thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of the expensive cab that he hired from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak.

Friso is a 45 year old pantheist who is yet free from any chronic disease like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, Friso says that chronic diseases are a form of punishment for the sins by the divine.

I met Friso in Amphawa, Thailand once and asked him “Do you believe that modern day Israel and Palestine have something holy about them?” To which he replied, “There is nothing holy about the so-called holy land, it is just a belief that the White people have been using to polarize two separate communities which used to have friendly relations once and were both against the Christians and their missionaries.”

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This Thai businessman who is considered one of the greatest visionaries buys only Asian products be it canvas bags or a SUV

Akara Tracy (name changed) is an extremely hyperactive and motivated gentleman who is a great visionary as well, Akara rightly predicted most of the events that are taking place today long ago. For example, Akara predicted in the year 1999 that Republic of China will be economically stronger than ever before, he predicted that the Republic of China will be a home to several major IT companies, which has proven to be true, today the Republic of China is home to Lenovo, Volvo, AliBaba.

Akara runs several different successful small businesses including a small company that manufactures and sells bottles made of silver. Akara’s businesses include both online and offline businesses. Akara has been trying so hard to create a business like for so long but he hasn’t been able to find out yet that how this small company gets to make and sell top quality canvas and cotton bags at dirt cheap prices. Akara has traveled the world and he hasn’t found a company that could be put in parallel to BB Bags when it comes to the cotton and canvas bags. Definitely, he has seen companies that sell better products, but not at this price.

Akara recently wanted to buy a new family SUV and he was in a dilemma to choose between an Audi Q7 or a Volvo XC90, he went for the Volvo XC90 as it is a Chinese company now although he liked the Q7 a lot more. Akara says that the Q7 felt a lot more premium than the XC90 but he is against buying the German products when the similar products can be bought from an Asian company.

Akara is against supporting anything other than Asian companies. Akara claims that the European and American companies make a fool out of their consumers. Akara says that the Europeans used to be unparalleled in terms of quality and everything else till the dawn of the 21st century, today he says that an Asian needs to only buy Asian products.

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Hair transplant before and after 5000 grafts

Joel Jackson (name changed) used to be an alcoholic and he says that the alcohol stole all the joy in his life. After coming back from the rehab, the first thing that Joel decided to do was get a hair transplant to bring back some joy in his life, he got a 5000 grafts hair transplant and boy, does he look different in his hair transplant before and after 5000 grafts pictures?

According to Joel Jackson’s personal observations, creative people are much calmer and focused almost all the time while the ones who are not creative, are not.

Joel Jackson says that ‘purity’ and ‘chastity’ are two different concepts in Christianity. He says that the purity refers to “not cheating with your spouse and having no sexual relations before marriage” but chastity refers to “having no sexual relationship before the marriage and after the marriage, having sex merely for the reproduction.”

Joel says that there is a relationship between the Cologne that we apply on our bodies and Germany’s Cologne city.

Joel was recently watching BrassTacks TV series with English subtitles, he couldn’t stop laughing at this joker called Zaid Zaman aka Syed Zaid Hamid Zaman aka Lal Topi (Red Hat). This joker was claiming that the whole world will one day will become a Khilafat state and all the non-Islamic countries and their chiefs must come to the chiefs and people of the Islamic countries and say sorry to them in order to be saved from the wrath of the Khilafat movement fanatics.

After learning that Zaid Zaman’s father was from Bihar, India, Joel traveled to Bihar to check out what kind of a place Bihar is, after coming back, Joel described Bihar as the most literal shithole he has ever seen.


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She owns a dog store, advocates martial law and she wants to sell Christmas Origami on eBay

Coty Farkas (name changed) learns far more rapidly than all her colleagues, cousins and friends. She says that epic results and achievements require epic struggle and hardships.

Coty is a history buff and reading history is one of her most favorite hobbies. Coty claims that the coronation hats represent the architecture of a nation. She says that the coronation hats of Rajasthan, India are just like the native and traditional architecture of Rajasthan while the coronation hats of the legendary medieval South Indian Vijayanagar empire look just like the ancient palaces and temples built in South India.

Coty was born to one of the largest restaurant chain owners in the country.

Coty currently owns 2 businesses. Coty owns a pet store that only sells live dogs, both online and offline. Most of Coty’s dogs business come through her own website and also through the word of mouth. The other business of Coty is a well-established horse breeding business that has a reputation of being the best in the arena.

Coty has a habit of making so many statements and one of the statements that she recently made on her pet store’s blog was “Martial law is the best and worst in its own ways. Martial law is not that bad as the media projects it to be. It sometimes looks to me that media tries to promote martial law in a way as the modern people hate the media and the media knows this, so whatever the media talks against, the people in general are likely to do the opposite of the same.”

Coty has been looking for a way to enter the booming eBay business and she thinks selling Origami Christmas paper on eBay is a good idea to start. She checked the topmost sellers selling the same product on eBay and found that they are selling tons of it, she is about to talk to an Origami paper wholesaler in a couple of days to make her dream of owning an eBay business a reality.

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This Chicago boy seeks attention with folding crazy and innovative origamis

Marshall Kogen (name changed) has studied the economy of India and several different Indian industries including both legal and illegal. Marshall finds the prostitution industry in India so strange. Marshall says that the escort industry in India used to be so huge until 2015 but it is now the massage spas that are running the prostitution scene. Marshall did show me several news articles and other evidences proving that all the massage spas where they are running the prostitution business are owned by the MLAs (Mayors), Member of Parliaments and even Cabinet Ministers. They raid the competing massage spas in order to have their monopoly and these politicians indeed have a sort of monopoly in the prostitution scene of India.

Marshall claims that the King Size beds were a lot more common back in the days when polygamy was common. They would have threesomes, foursomes and gang bang sort of stuff on these king size beds. The people who couldn’t afford king size beds would do it on the floor. Marshall says that contrary to the popular belief, poor men were more likely to marry more than one woman back in ancient times.

Marshall’s father is a popular athlete who is also one of the youngest ever wrestling gold medal winners. He is a very charming and decent person.

Born to American-German-Jewish parents in a modest neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, Marshall didn’t enjoy a coronation like a King but he feels like a King all the time nevertheless.

Marshall is a constant attention seeker and he seeks online attention by creating some of the most innovative and crazy origami structures.

Marshall wants to buy a Red Lotus Elise Sprint 220 by the end of February, 2019 and all his friends are wishing him luck for the same.

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Pro-life, anti-abortionist catholic Brazilian woman is an e-commerce success

Since the day Andressa Gomez (name changed) discovered Youtube, she has been spending more time reading comments than she does on watching videos. She enjoys reading comments on Youtube videos almost more than anything else, she likes it even more operating her own successful virtual store (loja virtual) and let me tell you, she loves owning and managing her own virtual store, when she started off in the e-commerce business, it was a dream come true for her.

Andressa is a devout catholic and she regularly does rosary prayers live on the Youtube and discord servers. As a devout catholic, it is obvious that Andressa is a pro-life who is against abortions and using contraceptions. According to Andressa – “Donald Trump may act all pro-life, anti-abortionist, anti-contraceptive Christian, but the reality is that he has made several women go through abortions and he uses contraceptives more than anyone else you have ever come across, his bedroom is filled with contraceptive pills, condoms and other related stuff everywhere.”

Andressa says that the world is underpopulated and the overpopulation is a myth created by some evil people that want to enslave people.

Andressa also says that anti-natalists, misanthropes and effilists must be behind the prison because they are spreading negativity towards life and are responsible for making millions of people depressed and anti-life. Andressa says that the anti-natalists, misanthropes and effilists have made thousands of people commit suicide with their stupid theories.

I have personally come across several effilists, antinatalists and misanthropes, and these people believe that Satan is responsible for running the world and Yahweh was Satan in disguise. These people are horrible, they are a cancer for a successful, prosperous and happy life.

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Top gay underwear brand accepts litecoins, bitcoins, Zcash and QIWI

Mitch Parsons (name changed) owns a sexy gay underwear brand that is aimed at serving the top 0.5% of the gay men community. Mitch is a fashion designer by profession and he has this incredible stamina which is unbelievable, he designs, manages and even packs the products that he sells online himself, all on his own.

The most revolutionary thing about Mitch’s gay underwear store is that it was the first gay underwear store online to accept bitcoins, currently his store accepts all major cryptocurrencies including dogecoin, litecoin, Zcash, QIWI money. He stays updated with the latest price of the cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrency market.

Mitch is married with kids and his friends find it hard to believe how he gets enough time to manage and expand his business so smoothly.

According to Mitch, spending money on expensive cars is one of the greatest disrespect of money. Mitch can afford almost any car that is available in the market but he still owns an old Mazda and a Honda Civic.

Mitch’s brother – Ian is much richer than Mitch, his current net worth is about 42 million USD and he is aiming to make it 100 million by the end of 2020. Ian’s business is enjoying a smooth run in the international market. Ian owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley Arnage, a BMW X6, a Jaguar XJ, and a Ford Raptor pick-up truck. He also owns several BMW, Honda and Yamaha bikes.

Ian is a driving and bike-riding freak. He loves to drive his BMW X6 from Barcelona to Tarragona in Spain, he enjoys the very scenic sight and curvy road thoroughly.

Ian was caught by the cops last week for riding his Yamaha MT 09 at a speed of 180 kph.

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Punjabi Hindu woman loves to celebrate Christmas and she folds Christmas Origami in every season

Meenakshi Daand (name changed) is a Punjabi-Arora lady who was born in the city called Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. India is a secular country and Meenakshi is a living epitome of secularism. She celebrates the festivals of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. During each Christmas holidays, Meenakshi folds Origami Christmas with her 2 kids, a 7 year old son and a 8 year old daughter.

Meenakshi has a starfish aquarium in her house and she finds it hard to make her kids resist the same. They stand near the aquarium hours at a time staring at the starfishes and forget to study or play any sports.

Meenakshi did her schooling at the Guru Harkishan Public School in India Gate, New Delhi and college in Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Once while Meenakshi was in the washroom of her school, she heard some loud screams of someone, she went out to check what has happened and she found out that a guy had struck a girl she crushed on her head. Meenakshi ran away from there and told the whole story to the principal of the school who really took some nice and hard action about it.

Once Meenakshi’s husband messed up with a MLA (equivalent to the Mayor in United States) which no prudent and shrewd common person dare does in India. The MLA took the revenge by getting a struggling model to accuse Meenakshi’s husband of running a prostitution ring and trying to force that struggling model into the prostitution. The MLA really gave Meenakshi’s whole family a hard time and Meenakshi’s husband stayed in a prison for 15 days. He had to bribe the jury to prove that he is not guilty which is not an uncommon practice in India.

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