Marshall Kogen (name changed) has studied the economy of India and several different Indian industries including both legal and illegal. Marshall finds the prostitution industry in India so strange. Marshall says that the escort industry in India used to be so huge until 2015 but it is now the massage spas that are running the prostitution scene. Marshall did show me several news articles and other evidences proving that all the massage spas where they are running the prostitution business are owned by the MLAs (Mayors), Member of Parliaments and even Cabinet Ministers. They raid the competing massage spas in order to have their monopoly and these politicians indeed have a sort of monopoly in the prostitution scene of India.

Marshall claims that the King Size beds were a lot more common back in the days when polygamy was common. They would have threesomes, foursomes and gang bang sort of stuff on these king size beds. The people who couldn’t afford king size beds would do it on the floor. Marshall says that contrary to the popular belief, poor men were more likely to marry more than one woman back in ancient times.

Marshall’s father is a popular athlete who is also one of the youngest ever wrestling gold medal winners. He is a very charming and decent person.

Born to American-German-Jewish parents in a modest neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, Marshall didn’t enjoy a coronation like a King but he feels like a King all the time nevertheless.

Marshall is a constant attention seeker and he seeks online attention by creating some of the most innovative and crazy origami structures.

Marshall wants to buy a Red Lotus Elise Sprint 220 by the end of February, 2019 and all his friends are wishing him luck for the same.