Coty Farkas (name changed) learns far more rapidly than all her colleagues, cousins and friends. She says that epic results and achievements require epic struggle and hardships.

Coty is a history buff and reading history is one of her most favorite hobbies. Coty claims that the coronation hats represent the architecture of a nation. She says that the coronation hats of Rajasthan, India are just like the native and traditional architecture of Rajasthan while the coronation hats of the legendary medieval South Indian Vijayanagar empire look just like the ancient palaces and temples built in South India.

Coty was born to one of the largest restaurant chain owners in the country.

Coty currently owns 2 businesses. Coty owns a pet store that only sells live dogs, both online and offline. Most of Coty’s dogs business come through her own website and also through the word of mouth. The other business of Coty is a well-established horse breeding business that has a reputation of being the best in the arena.

Coty has a habit of making so many statements and one of the statements that she recently made on her pet store’s blog was “Martial law is the best and worst in its own ways. Martial law is not that bad as the media projects it to be. It sometimes looks to me that media tries to promote martial law in a way as the modern people hate the media and the media knows this, so whatever the media talks against, the people in general are likely to do the opposite of the same.”

Coty has been looking for a way to enter the booming eBay business and she thinks selling Origami Christmas paper on eBay is a good idea to start. She checked the topmost sellers selling the same product on eBay and found that they are selling tons of it, she is about to talk to an Origami paper wholesaler in a couple of days to make her dream of owning an eBay business a reality.