Joel Jackson (name changed) used to be an alcoholic and he says that the alcohol stole all the joy in his life. After coming back from the rehab, the first thing that Joel decided to do was get a hair transplant to bring back some joy in his life, he got a 5000 grafts hair transplant and boy, does he look different in hisĀ hair transplant before and after 5000 grafts pictures?

According to Joel Jackson’s personal observations, creative people are much calmer and focused almost all the time while the ones who are not creative, are not.

Joel Jackson says that ‘purity’ and ‘chastity’ are two different concepts in Christianity. He says that the purity refers to “not cheating with your spouse and having no sexual relations before marriage” but chastity refers to “having no sexual relationship before the marriage and after the marriage, having sex merely for the reproduction.”

Joel says that there is a relationship between the Cologne that we apply on our bodies and Germany’s Cologne city.

Joel was recently watching BrassTacks TV series with English subtitles, he couldn’t stop laughing at this joker called Zaid Zaman aka Syed Zaid Hamid Zaman aka Lal Topi (Red Hat). This joker was claiming that the whole world will one day will become a Khilafat state and all the non-Islamic countries and their chiefs must come to the chiefs and people of the Islamic countries and say sorry to them in order to be saved from the wrath of the Khilafat movement fanatics.

After learning that Zaid Zaman’s father was from Bihar, India, Joel traveled to Bihar to check out what kind of a place Bihar is, after coming back, Joel described Bihar as the most literal shithole he has ever seen.