Akara Tracy (name changed) is an extremely hyperactive and motivated gentleman who is a great visionary as well, Akara rightly predicted most of the events that are taking place today long ago. For example, Akara predicted in the year 1999 that Republic of China will be economically stronger than ever before, he predicted that the Republic of China will be a home to several major IT companies, which has proven to be true, today the Republic of China is home to Lenovo, Volvo, AliBaba.

Akara runs several different successful small businesses including a small company that manufactures and sells bottles made of silver. Akara’s businesses include both online and offline businesses. Akara has been trying so hard to create a business likeĀ bbbags.net for so long but he hasn’t been able to find out yet that how this small company gets to make and sell top quality canvas and cotton bags at dirt cheap prices. Akara has traveled the world and he hasn’t found a company that could be put in parallel to BB Bags when it comes to the cotton and canvas bags. Definitely, he has seen companies that sell better products, but not at this price.

Akara recently wanted to buy a new family SUV and he was in a dilemma to choose between an Audi Q7 or a Volvo XC90, he went for the Volvo XC90 as it is a Chinese company now although he liked the Q7 a lot more. Akara says that the Q7 felt a lot more premium than the XC90 but he is against buying the German products when the similar products can be bought from an Asian company.

Akara is against supporting anything other than Asian companies. Akara claims that the European and American companies make a fool out of their consumers. Akara says that the Europeans used to be unparalleled in terms of quality and everything else till the dawn of the 21st century, today he says that an Asian needs to only buy Asian products.