Friso Walter (name changed) claims that beautiful women stare back at him more than the ugly ones. Anybody who has even once seen Friso can easily deny his claim as he is a really ugly man. If you tell Friso on his face that he is ugly, he will revert back to you telling you that it doesn’t matter to the women, they only care about a man’s confidence.

Friso is a software engineer who works with a major multinational IT company. Friso loves to play snooker and listen to the Hebrew music as much as he loves to make love those Thai beauties in Bangkok. Friso travels to Bangkok at least thrice a year to have some fun and Friso’s journey usually doesn’t end there, he loves to visit other Thai cities and towns as well. Friso made a trip to Thailand in the month of August this year as well, Friso thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of the expensive cab that he hired from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak.

Friso is a 45 year old pantheist who is yet free from any chronic disease like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, Friso says that chronic diseases are a form of punishment for the sins by the divine.

I met Friso in Amphawa, Thailand once and asked him “Do you believe that modern day Israel and Palestine have something holy about them?” To which he replied, “There is nothing holy about the so-called holy land, it is just a belief that the White people have been using to polarize two separate communities which used to have friendly relations once and were both against the Christians and their missionaries.”