Francis Valavanis (name changed) used to teach mathematics in a school within the same neighborhood that he lives in. After learning about the spread of Islam at such a large scale within such a short span of time, Francis decided to become a Muslim himself believing that accepting Islam will result in his own good luck. Francis made a smart move, he decided to read the Quran and other Muslim scriptures and stories only to find out that most of the things that Islam preaches are unscientific. The thing that Francis started detesting most about the Islam is that Islam preaches inbreeding.

Francis then turned to ISKCON Temple and after learning that Krishna – the supreme god of ISKCON asked his younger sister to marry her own first cousin – Arjuna, Francis left his interest in Hinduism as well.

The thing that made Francis most interested in Islam was the success of all the Arabian countries in finding oil beneath their land. Francis believed that it was by the grace of Allah and Allah is the one and only real god.

Francis even started building his own company that manufactures gadgets and tech related products after he decided to accept Islam believing that the Allah will be on his side and nothing will be able to stop him from becoming the next Li Shufu.

Unlike most other religious people turned atheists, Francis didn’t choose the way of alcoholism, drug-addiction, whore-mongering and questioning the purpose of life but he instead focused on expanding his business.

Francis is still running that gadget manufacturing company but he hasn’t borrowed any loan like he was planning to earlier in a hope that Allah will help in all his business ventures, the only thing that has been helping Francis nowadays are top tech and gadget blogs likeĀ texnologia.