Mia Cortis (name changed) is a very intelligent academic champion who is considered to be one of the smartest professors ever in the college that she used to teach in.

Mia was compelled to resign from the job after another female professor made fake accusations against Mia. There was no way to prove or deny those accusations but it definitely destroyed the reputation of Mia as a professor, Mia started hating the atmosphere of the college after that and decided to resign finally.

Mia’s subject is not history but she has a great interest in the mainstream history and biblical history as well. Mia claims that some mysterious Jew discovered what is now called the city of David aka Jerusalem.

Mia loves Jews so much that she is getting married to a Jewish physician from West Palm Beach in the month of March, 2019. This physician (Mia’s fiance) is a real loud mouth who laughs out very loud too, when he was booking the venue for their wedding, he kept laughing like crazy while talking to the people that own the venue. The oldest among them even said to him – laugh all you can before the March, you won’t feel like laughing after that, I am married for 27 years and I know how it feels.

Mia’s fiance is a very rich man who inherited several bars and pubs after the death of his grandfather. While Mia still drives the Ford Ecosport and calls it the kids’ Range Rover, her fiance owns a fleet of Landcruiser, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and last but not the least, Bentley.

Mia’s fiance has a great interest in religions, arts, music and technology.

While Mia dresses better than her favorite movie stars, her fiance dresses like a nerd. Steve Jobs used to dress better than Mia’s fiance.