Leyna Tequila (name changed) started her career as a toilet cleaner in a 5 star hotel of Lyon, France, today she owns the most successful packaged fruit juice company of France and one of the most successful in all of Europe.

Leyna says that her experience has taught her that wealthy people are a lot more civilized than the non-wealthy ones. Leyna says that the wealthy people are better friends, better family members and almost everything else. According to Lena, “It is better to have one wealthy friend than a string of poor ones.”

Leyna gives privacy and freedom the utmost importance in life and that’s the reason why whenever she travels to Koh Chang from France, she hires nothing but a Thai Happy Taxi. Leyna was the first person to have reviewed Thai Happy Taxi on Trip Advisor and the rest is history, at the time I am writing this post, there are 712 excellent reviews for the Thai Happy Taxi firm on Trip Advisor.

Leyna remembers the days when she used to sell banner advertisements on her websites. After going back home from her toilet cleaning job, Leyna would research the internet checking how she can start making money on the internet. Within 4 months, Leyna came across this idea of creating and popularizing a website and then selling banner advertisements on the same. Within 9 months of embarking her online business journey, Leyna had successfully multiplied the number of websites that she owned to 11 websites and she was making as much money selling banner advertisements on her website as she did with her toilet cleaning job, after 3 more months, she was making more money than her toilet cleaning job with selling banner advertisements on her website. After 5 more years, she started her own little juice factory, 3 more years and that juice factory had been transformed into a packaged juice selling company and the rest is history.