Imelda Bensaid (name changed) claims estrogen rich foods increase testosterone in men and estrogen in women, Imelda says that the only way the estrogen rich foods can harm the men is by the aromatization process and that process will convert the excess testosterone into estrogen because of the excess testosterone, not because they inhaled soy or anything.

Imelda has traveled the world and she says that no country is as boring as the Germany. Imelda says that Germany is so boring that she cannot stop yawning whenever she is there and she misses her home so much in Germany that it cannot be described in words.

Imelda loves to read history and she claims that the Industrial revolution was nothing less than the miracle of the sun back in the day. She says that the tech revolution cannot be even compared to the glory that the Industrial revolution brought about. She says that those were the magical days of the history.

Imelda has read a lot of Islamic history and religious texts as well and she says the claim that Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed broke 9 swords in one battle that lasted only for hours is an exaggerated lie. In reality, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed broke only 3 swords in that battle.

Imelda has done an extensive study on the Indian subcontinent and she claims that the ministers in Pakistan are chosen by the people sitting in the White Office, Washington DC, United States. According to Imelda – “Pakistani ministers who protest against the drones are traitors who themselves report to the NATO about the persons that the United States of America or Europe is looking for. Many times those guys are innocent and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the times, more innocent people than the accused are hurt or/and killed than the guilty ones. The government of Europe or USA doesn’t even bother to say sorry for the death of the innocent men, women and kids.”

Imelda recently got a wrestling android video game built by one of the most professional Indonesian android application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android). The video game turned out to be much better than Imelda herself expected.