Month: January 2019

Ayurveda is a ripoff, better stick with the Western medicine and enjoy a trip to Rethymnon – Achima Dalby

Achima Dalby (name changed) lived for a long time in India to study and learn the Indian spiritual and cultural values of the Indian subcontinent.

Achima came back with the conclusion that India’s cultural and spiritual values have lots of flaws. Achima studied the Ayurveda while living in India and she found it as nothing but broscience. Achima says that most of the things mentioned in the Ayurveda are just the opposite of the truth. Achima claims that the tamasic foods (foods that supposedly make you lazy) mentioned in the Ayurveda are in fact always able to make Achima filled with more energy. One such tamasic diet is ‘meat’ which never fails to make Achima filled with energy and enthusiasm.

One thing that Achima found the most annoying about the people of the Indian subcontinent is that they speak a lot of ‘and’ while speaking English. She also gave the example of Ashish Masih of Autoportal to prove what she was saying is true.

Achima recently bought an exotic villa by the sea in the city called Rethymnon on the Crete Island in Greece. She enjoyed the city thoroughly with the help of car hire Rethymnon once before buying the villa and that’s when she fell in love with the Rethymnon city.

Achima is currently busy writing tales like the biblical stories which she is going to name ‘Biblical stories Part 2’, Achima claims that the tales in Biblical Stories Part 2 will be more fascinating, enjoyable and heart-touching for the kids than the original biblical tales.

Achima has done a lot of research on the ancient Persia and she claims that the ancient Persians used to worship ashes before the advent of Zoroastrianism.

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Lyft driver from Indiana claims to have found the cure for talkativeness

Fabio Caverly (name changed) claims to have found an excellent cure for the talkativeness. Fabio used to be a talkative Indiana Uber driver and by golly his cab used to get hired by nobody but beautiful women, Fabio used to get so intimated by those beautiful women that he had no idea about how to talk to them. Fabio then signed up with Lyft using Lyft driver promo code and found out that Lyft passengers include more women than Uber. Fabio then developed a meditation technique which got rid of his talkativeness within a matter of 2 weeks. Fabio is confused whether to make money with selling and teaching this meditation technique or give it out for free.

Some of Fabio’s passengers can afford to buy any car that they want but they still use cabs to travel from one place to another because they consider spending money on a car to be a wastage. Many of those guys and girls watch a lot of Scotty Kilmer’s videos and the only options left to them are boring Toyotas, yes, if you watch a lot of Scotty Kilmer’s videos, the same is bound to happen to you as well, he says that every other car than a Toyota or a Lexus is a waste of money.

Fabio says that it is her personal observation that German people are more diplomatic and worried about their self-esteem than their British counterparts. Fabio says that throughout his life he has discovered that most things are contrary to the popular beliefs.

Before becoming an independent Uber and Lyft driver, Fabio used to be a bodyguard and a chauffeur for one of the richest men in South Bend, Indiana.

Fabio has developed a greater self-esteem and a sense of happiness since he started working as an independent driver.

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Mithraism is the most tolerant religion followed closely by the Buddhism – Dror Bernard

Dror Bernard (name changed) claims that the decision of the Supreme Court of India to legalize gay and lesbian marriages was indeed an order given to the Indian Chief Justice by the ministers that live in the Washington DC. Dror says that she has a found a secret report in which it is clearly mentioned that a prominent lesbian minister of the United States of America who has won elections twice with great margins is responsible for the gay and lesbian marriage legalization in India.

Dror says that she has a great knowledge about the different religions of the world including the extinct ones. Dror says that Mithraism was the best religion ever known to the mankind. Dror is an atheist herself but she says that if the world wants to experience peace, freedom and rights of all positive kinds and they want this to happen with the help of a religion then Mithraism is the only religion to follow. Dror says that the United Nations and the governments of all the countries must study Mithraism and then decide if they should make it obligatory for each citizen of their country to follow Mithraism and ban all the other religions because according to Dror’s personal experience, it is impossible for a religious person to be tolerant to the religion of another person. Dror says that the only religion that she has observed to be tolerant to the other religions is the never declared religion called ‘Capitalism’. Dror says that the capitalists are the only people that do not care about what religion you do belong to, they just care about their profits and that’s all.

Dror is a materialist herself but not the extent of madness, just give her nice home to live in, a luxury German or British car, great food to eat and a ticket to Thailand every second month and she is all good. She is going to the Pattaya this coming Saturday and from there she will take a taxi to Hua Hin and explore Hua Hin for the very first time on her 73rd trip to Thailand.

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Ontario, Canada based author bought a new house on the Church Street, Newmarket with the money he made with his previous book

Sergio Gonzalez (name changed) is an author from Ontario, Canada who has written several books on the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Japan. Sergio recently wrote a book that is called “War, Weapons, Pakistan and Conspiracies”, according to which, the state of Pakistan has no nuclear weapons and they are acting like they do have them so that their neighboring and a lot more powerful country called India never attacks them.

One of the chapters in Sergio’s book is about the fake nuclear technology of North Korea. Sergio accuses North Korea of lying about their nuclear technology and their missile tests to be done by the missiles imported by India. Sergio has accused the NATO for killing the late Prime Minister of Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto and he has also mentioned that she was falsely accused of supplying North Korea with nuclear technology. Sergio has written that neither North Korea nor Pakistan has any nuclear technology.

Sergio has read a lot of Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Jewish mythology. He says that strangely Hindu gods have characteristics like the Jewish, Babylonian, Greek and Roman gods. Sergio doubts that the modern day Hindus are a mix of several different tribes from almost all across the world including the Arabians. Sergio says that the Hindus call the moon “Chandrama” which sounds very similar to “Allah”.

Sergio recently bought a new house on the Church Street, Newmarket, Ontario with the money he made with his previous book which he named “General Motors – A soon to be history Car Manufacturer”. The book sold like hot cakes and one popular Hollywood director is even thinking about creating a movie on it. The Hollywood director is infatuated with the General Motors and he believes that maybe a movie can revive the brand GM.

Sergio’s newly bought house is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and Sergio is planning to move there permanently and selling out his Leslie Street house.

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One of the most successful female CEOs in the history of Greece is looking for politics related children’s movies

Rada Cuch (name changed) is the daughter of one of the most successful and popular wrestlers in the history of Greece. Born and raised up in the coastal city called Corinth, Rada has been living in Athens for the past 5 years or so where she is a CEO at a top multinational company. Rada is one of the most successful women CEO in all of Greece. Rada receives half of the profits that the company makes, she has been making millions of Euros since she joined the company and in the past 5 years, the company that she works for has become one of the most successful in its field whereas it used to incur losses each year before Rada joined it.

Rada is a busy woman and even a fool can tell that but she loves to spend time with her children and on an average she somehow manages to spend 150 minutes with them everyday. Rada loves to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with her kids; she herself enjoys the movies produced by Disney to this day, especially the ones that include Uncle Scrooge the Duck.

Rada wants to instigate her kids in the politics of Greece and she has been looking for children’s movies that will increase the knowledge of her kids in the field of politics but so far she has only been unsuccessful finding the same.

Rada’s dad comes to visit his grandchildren every weekend and he never gets tired of repeating the same old boring stories about himself and his success to his kids which utterly bores the kids like nothing else but he never realizes it himself.

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