Rada Cuch (name changed) is the daughter of one of the most successful and popular wrestlers in the history of Greece. Born and raised up in the coastal city called Corinth, Rada has been living in Athens for the past 5 years or so where she is a CEO at a top multinational company. Rada is one of the most successful women CEO in all of Greece. Rada receives half of the profits that the company makes, she has been making millions of Euros since she joined the company and in the past 5 years, the company that she works for has become one of the most successful in its field whereas it used to incur losses each year before Rada joined it.

Rada is a busy woman and even a fool can tell that but she loves to spend time with her children and on an average she somehow manages to spend 150 minutes with them everyday. Rada loves to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with her kids; she herself enjoys the movies produced by Disney to this day, especially the ones that include Uncle Scrooge the Duck.

Rada wants to instigate her kids in the politics of Greece and she has been looking for children’s movies that will increase the knowledge of her kids in the field of politics but so far she has only been unsuccessful finding the same.

Rada’s dad comes to visit his grandchildren every weekend and he never gets tired of repeating the same old boring stories about himself and his success to his kids which utterly bores the kids like nothing else but he never realizes it himself.