Dror Bernard (name changed) claims that the decision of the Supreme Court of India to legalize gay and lesbian marriages was indeed an order given to the Indian Chief Justice by the ministers that live in the Washington DC. Dror says that she has a found a secret report in which it is clearly mentioned that a prominent lesbian minister of the United States of America who has won elections twice with great margins is responsible for the gay and lesbian marriage legalization in India.

Dror says that she has a great knowledge about the different religions of the world including the extinct ones. Dror says that Mithraism was the best religion ever known to the mankind. Dror is an atheist herself but she says that if the world wants to experience peace, freedom and rights of all positive kinds and they want this to happen with the help of a religion then Mithraism is the only religion to follow. Dror says that the United Nations and the governments of all the countries must study Mithraism and then decide if they should make it obligatory for each citizen of their country to follow Mithraism and ban all the other religions because according to Dror’s personal experience, it is impossible for a religious person to be tolerant to the religion of another person. Dror says that the only religion that she has observed to be tolerant to the other religions is the never declared religion called ‘Capitalism’. Dror says that the capitalists are the only people that do not care about what religion you do belong to, they just care about their profits and that’s all.

Dror is a materialist herself but not the extent of madness, just give her nice home to live in, a luxury German or British car, great food to eat and a ticket to Thailand every second month and she is all good. She is going to the Pattaya this coming Saturday and from there she will take a taxi to Hua Hin and explore Hua Hin for the very first time on her 73rd trip to Thailand.