Fabio Caverly (name changed) claims to have found an excellent cure for the talkativeness. Fabio used to be a talkative Indiana Uber driver and by golly his cab used to get hired by nobody but beautiful women, Fabio used to get so intimated by those beautiful women that he had no idea about how to talk to them. Fabio then signed up with Lyft using Lyft driver promo code and found out that Lyft passengers include more women than Uber. Fabio then developed a meditation technique which got rid of his talkativeness within a matter of 2 weeks. Fabio is confused whether to make money with selling and teaching this meditation technique or give it out for free.

Some of Fabio’s passengers can afford to buy any car that they want but they still use cabs to travel from one place to another because they consider spending money on a car to be a wastage. Many of those guys and girls watch a lot of Scotty Kilmer’s videos and the only options left to them are boring Toyotas, yes, if you watch a lot of Scotty Kilmer’s videos, the same is bound to happen to you as well, he says that every other car than a Toyota or a Lexus is a waste of money.

Fabio says that it is her personal observation that German people are more diplomatic and worried about their self-esteem than their British counterparts. Fabio says that throughout his life he has discovered that most things are contrary to the popular beliefs.

Before becoming an independent Uber and Lyft driver, Fabio used to be a bodyguard and a chauffeur for one of the richest men in South Bend, Indiana.

Fabio has developed a greater self-esteem and a sense of happiness since he started working as an independent driver.