Justin Svoboda (name changed) says that he has got a full-time friendly and nice vet in Doggy Dan book. Justin is a very picture-shy gentleman but he didn’t hesitate to take his pictures with his Tibetan Mastiff and post a Doggy Dan Review after getting fascinated by the way it had the positive effect in the way he raised up one of the best things to happen in his life – his Tibetan Mastiff whom he named Mughal.

Justin has traveled around the world and currently he is busy writing a book about all the stuff that he observed throughout his life yet, Justin says that it wouldn’t have been possible for him to write a book of his own if Doggy Dan didn’t help him so much of time. In his book Justin is writing about how most Danish people don’t give a hoot about the politics. Justin is also writing about how a great percentage of the farmers around the world are still not affected by the disease called social media that much.

Justin believes that the USA would have been much better if the French won most of the wars instead of the British. Although himself of Czech origin, Justin finds French people much more wise, friendly, visionary, classy and intelligent than the British.

Justin is also writing in his book about the ritual of child marriages that he noticed are still prevalent in a couple of Japanese villages and about a man that he met in this very village who could tell the complexion of a person just by the smell of his sweat.

Since reading Doggy Dan, Justin has started overemphasizing on the benefits of feeding your pet dogs with raw vegetables and fruits. He also imports black rice aka purple rice from Myanmar for his Mughal.