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Ontario, Canada based author bought a new house on the Church Street, Newmarket with the money he made with his previous book

Sergio Gonzalez (name changed) is an author from Ontario, Canada who has written several books on the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Japan. Sergio recently wrote a book that is called “War, Weapons, Pakistan and Conspiracies”, according to which, the state of Pakistan has no nuclear weapons and they are acting like they do have them so that their neighboring and a lot more powerful country called India never attacks them.

One of the chapters in Sergio’s book is about the fake nuclear technology of North Korea. Sergio accuses North Korea of lying about their nuclear technology and their missile tests to be done by the missiles imported by India. Sergio has accused the NATO for killing the late Prime Minister of Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto and he has also mentioned that she was falsely accused of supplying North Korea with nuclear technology. Sergio has written that neither North Korea nor Pakistan has any nuclear technology.

Sergio has read a lot of Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Jewish mythology. He says that strangely Hindu gods have characteristics like the Jewish, Babylonian, Greek and Roman gods. Sergio doubts that the modern day Hindus are a mix of several different tribes from almost all across the world including the Arabians. Sergio says that the Hindus call the moon “Chandrama” which sounds very similar to “Allah”.

Sergio recently bought a new house on the Church Street, Newmarket, Ontario with the money he made with his previous book which he named “General Motors – A soon to be history Car Manufacturer”. The book sold like hot cakes and one popular Hollywood director is even thinking about creating a movie on it. The Hollywood director is infatuated with the General Motors and he believes that maybe a movie can revive the brand GM.

Sergio’s newly bought house is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and Sergio is planning to move there permanently and selling out his Leslie Street house.

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Heiress ordered Prescott Kitchen Remodel Company for her Kitchen Renovation for the best results

Maxwell is a 24 year young all American boy who was born and raised in poverty. Maxwell didn’t complete his high school due to the bad financial conditions of his parents and he had to start working full time at a department store when he was 16. Maxwell also did lots of petty internet businesses on the side that required zero to little investment.

Maxwell’s parents and grandparents are devout protestants. Maxwell wants to achieve the pinnacles when it comes to wealth no matter what it takes. Maxwell is a very handsome young man and he has this distinct aura and magnetism that attracts lots of ladies. There is this rich girl named Hannah whom Maxwell met when he was 23. She fell in love with Maxwell the moment she saw him. She found a lame excuse to talk to him for a while and also found an excuse to exchange numbers with him.

Hannah invited him for a dinner couple of days later and Maxwell went for it. After the third date, she fell more in love with Maxwell. Hannah likes to overspend on dates and she also used to drop Maxwell to his house in her Bentley Mulsanne.

Hannah proposed Maxwell to marry her in the month of July this year, Maxwell was waiting for this moment. Maxwell would do anything to become rich. Hannah is a rich heiress and super-crazy for Maxwell. Maxwell is climbing that success ladder and they are about to marry in the month of November this year. Hannah has already given order to the most popular Prescott Kitchen Remodel company to get the kitchen of their new house remodeled.

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