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Ayurveda is a ripoff, better stick with the Western medicine and enjoy a trip to Rethymnon – Achima Dalby

Achima Dalby (name changed) lived for a long time in India to study and learn the Indian spiritual and cultural values of the Indian subcontinent.

Achima came back with the conclusion that India’s cultural and spiritual values have lots of flaws. Achima studied the Ayurveda while living in India and she found it as nothing but broscience. Achima says that most of the things mentioned in the Ayurveda are just the opposite of the truth. Achima claims that the tamasic foods (foods that supposedly make you lazy) mentioned in the Ayurveda are in fact always able to make Achima filled with more energy. One such tamasic diet is ‘meat’ which never fails to make Achima filled with energy and enthusiasm.

One thing that Achima found the most annoying about the people of the Indian subcontinent is that they speak a lot of ‘and’ while speaking English. She also gave the example of Ashish Masih of Autoportal to prove what she was saying is true.

Achima recently bought an exotic villa by the sea in the city called Rethymnon on the Crete Island in Greece. She enjoyed the city thoroughly with the help of car hire Rethymnon once before buying the villa and that’s when she fell in love with the Rethymnon city.

Achima is currently busy writing tales like the biblical stories which she is going to name ‘Biblical stories Part 2’, Achima claims that the tales in Biblical Stories Part 2 will be more fascinating, enjoyable and heart-touching for the kids than the original biblical tales.

Achima has done a lot of research on the ancient Persia and she claims that the ancient Persians used to worship ashes before the advent of Zoroastrianism.

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Inherited several millions and invested it all in cryptocurrencies

Lisa Liberachi (name changed) believes in living in harmony with the nature. She is a very smart and flexible businesswoman who always makes exceptions for the long-term clients. She owns a real estate business which has a distinctive feature of the employees visiting you at your home and showing you all the pictures, videos and other information that you may be interested in for the properties. They do it in an extremely smart and effective way that I can’t even describe properly.

Lisa Liberachi utilizes the latest technologies and cutting edge marketing to ensure her real estate business ads are seen by a high quality, affluent audience.

Lisa Liberachi is a beautiful, passionate being with the eyes of sky color and natural big breasts.

Lisa aims to provide her children with excellent education whether it be the formal one or one about the life.

Lisa owns a liquor brand as well. Their liquor is most popular in the hotels. Hotels that have mostly upscale and affluent business travelers coming in for a stay. Lisa herself stays at first-class hotels which fall at least in the four star range. The last 15-20 generations of Lisa’s maternal and paternal family spent their lives in poverty and she knows how bad it is being born in poverty.

Lisa has a peculiar philosophical capacity and an ability to think freely and clearly the way most others cannot.

Lisa and her husband enjoy dinner dates, evenings at the theater and a nice personal time together. Lisa’s husband has invested most of what he inherited in cryptocurrencies and he also has a cryptocurrency blog which he updates every Saturday.

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