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This Thai businessman who is considered one of the greatest visionaries buys only Asian products be it canvas bags or a SUV

Akara Tracy (name changed) is an extremely hyperactive and motivated gentleman who is a great visionary as well, Akara rightly predicted most of the events that are taking place today long ago. For example, Akara predicted in the year 1999 that Republic of China will be economically stronger than ever before, he predicted that the Republic of China will be a home to several major IT companies, which has proven to be true, today the Republic of China is home to Lenovo, Volvo, AliBaba.

Akara runs several different successful small businesses including a small company that manufactures and sells bottles made of silver. Akara’s businesses include both online and offline businesses. Akara has been trying so hard to create a business like¬† for so long but he hasn’t been able to find out yet that how this small company gets to make and sell top quality canvas and cotton bags at dirt cheap prices. Akara has traveled the world and he hasn’t found a company that could be put in parallel to BB Bags when it comes to the cotton and canvas bags. Definitely, he has seen companies that sell better products, but not at this price.

Akara recently wanted to buy a new family SUV and he was in a dilemma to choose between an Audi Q7 or a Volvo XC90, he went for the Volvo XC90 as it is a Chinese company now although he liked the Q7 a lot more. Akara says that the Q7 felt a lot more premium than the XC90 but he is against buying the German products when the similar products can be bought from an Asian company.

Akara is against supporting anything other than Asian companies. Akara claims that the European and American companies make a fool out of their consumers. Akara says that the Europeans used to be unparalleled in terms of quality and everything else till the dawn of the 21st century, today he says that an Asian needs to only buy Asian products.

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She owns a dog store, advocates martial law and she wants to sell Christmas Origami on eBay

Coty Farkas (name changed) learns far more rapidly than all her colleagues, cousins and friends. She says that epic results and achievements require epic struggle and hardships.

Coty is a history buff and reading history is one of her most favorite hobbies. Coty claims that the coronation hats represent the architecture of a nation. She says that the coronation hats of Rajasthan, India are just like the native and traditional architecture of Rajasthan while the coronation hats of the legendary medieval South Indian Vijayanagar empire look just like the ancient palaces and temples built in South India.

Coty was born to one of the largest restaurant chain owners in the country.

Coty currently owns 2 businesses. Coty owns a pet store that only sells live dogs, both online and offline. Most of Coty’s dogs business come through her own website and also through the word of mouth. The other business of Coty is a well-established horse breeding business that has a reputation of being the best in the arena.

Coty has a habit of making so many statements and one of the statements that she recently made on her pet store’s blog was “Martial law is the best and worst in its own ways. Martial law is not that bad as the media projects it to be. It sometimes looks to me that media tries to promote martial law in a way as the modern people hate the media and the media knows this, so whatever the media talks against, the people in general are likely to do the opposite of the same.”

Coty has been looking for a way to enter the booming eBay business and she thinks selling Origami Christmas paper on eBay is a good idea to start. She checked the topmost sellers selling the same product on eBay and found that they are selling tons of it, she is about to talk to an Origami paper wholesaler in a couple of days to make her dream of owning an eBay business a reality.

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High achievers don’t use electric water heater anymore

Deborah Esposito (name changed) sleeps at least 12 hours a day. She barely saves any penny. According to Deborah, “Winning attitude can sometimes lead to disasters”. She says that a human being’s personality is sculptured by the age of 7 and she was nothing but a sloth loser before that and it is impossible for her to be anything else.

Depressive Eastern religions attract Deborah a lot, once Deborah traveled all the way to Himalayas, India to meet yoga, bhakti and meditation gurus, but she discovered that they were all rapists. She immediately came back as she realized that and got back to her lazy sloth life. If ever Deborah tries to push herself harder, she hits the verge of insanity so she says it is better for her to not try it at all.

Deborah’s husband – Vince is quite the opposite. Vince says that money is just a part of the success, the real success to him is the feeling of contentment and fulfillment that comes to him from achieving his goals. He says that money is just an icing on the cake.

Vince always starts with making unrealistic goals. His favorite quote is “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

Vince says that fantasy thinking is what leads to inventions most of the times. He daydreams a lot and has tried several times to invent things but never succeeded. Like most high achievers nowadays, Vince only prefers his bathing water to be heated with natural gas tankless water heater.

Vince attributes his success and high achievement to his father’s superb efforts to make his studious. His father used to try his best to make Vince study hard and Vince never disappointed him.

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Millionaire Celebrity Scientist uses this shower soap scum remover

Flavian (name changed) is a celebrity scientist. Flavian is also one of the richest scientists in all of United States and perhaps the world. Flavian loves abundance and he was always like that when it came to the money. Flavian’s father used to be a prosecutor and his mother was a private tutor.

Flavian’s son recently got a scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge but Flavian wants him to stay in the states.

Flavian believes in free market and hates communism. Flavian was born to the wealthy landlords and although his parents were filthy rich, they never let it become a barrier in Flavian’s life.

Flavian like his parents believes in excellence and success follows itself. An atheist, Flavian recently went to a healing church workshop. How ironic!

Flavian does a lot for the welfare of American farmers and he has helped them build several inventions to save water and electricity for their business. Flavian has this peculiar quality of looking at everything from the angle of solution.

Flavian has lived in some of the coldest regions and countries of the world including Alaska, Greenland, Kazakhstan and Estonia. Flavian believes that success is a gradational process and it doesn’t come overnight. He also believes that hard work is more important than the smart work. The most beautiful thing he believes he ever saw was a glacial erratic in Estonia.

Flavian hates the scums in his shower and he buys the most expensive shower soap scum remover that is there in the market.

Flavin’s father also used to do fitness modeling and he was featured in Olivia Newton John’s Physical music video as a hot fitness freak.

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Catholic Father and Son love their morning jog and their MadOxx sweatshirts

In the year 2015, Jeff, an all-American Catholic boy from Idaho was found all day chatting on different Slack Chat groups. His parents used to be angry on him for this. His friends used to call him a basement prowler which he indeed was.

Jeff’s parents had a difficult marriage but they didn’t divorce due to strong Catholic upbringing. They used several different techniques to get closer to each other and some of those worked while some didn’t. They never consulted a so-called relationship coach because they know they all are phonies.

Jeff’s parents rarely get intimate with each other and most of the time they spend together is watching television or playing video games. Yes, they love their X-Box and can play video games round the clock.

Jeff’s father recently raised funds for his new company. He was also considering pitching on Shark Tank but the producer of the show didn’t allow him to come on the show because his product is very usual and cannot bring any growth in the TRP.

Jeff’s grandfather and grandmother were both PhD in economics and they found it almost useless. That’s why they ensured that Jeff’s father becomes an engineer, lawyer or a doctor. Jeff’s father is a lawyer. It took him 12 years to become successful.

Jeff and his father love to spend time together and both go for a morning jogging session every morning together. Recently, Jeff’s father bought some activewear for himself and Jeff from MadOxx at unbelievable prices.

Jeff was recently wounded while jogging. He has been lying for a couple of days listening to nothing but death metal music on his earphones. Jeff loves to sleep too much and he is enjoying his wounds indirectly.

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Czech boy who claims to be the defacto Kingpin of his own secret world ordered bluetooth earphones with mic

Asher (name changed) is a Czech boy who got his popular subreddit recently banned. I would not like to name the subreddit and what it was about here, but it had over 7000 subscribers and it was really gaining momentum before it got ban-hammered.

Asher has a hot like hell tall blue-eyed blonde girlfriend. Asher is a chad himself. Recently, the parents of Asher bought their ancestral house back for 25 times the amount that they sold it for. Asher was against buying this house in Brno, but nobody would listen to him.

“Asher is the defacto kingpin of his own secret world and he is sitting on nothing less than a throne”, Asher keeps on telling this to his friends.

Asher recently wanted to buy bluetooth earphones with mic. There are very few reliable local Czech online shopping websites and Asher was too confused where to buy it, but then he found out the Pample Mousse. The website looked too promising to Asher and he is still waiting for his earphones to arrive. Once they do and if Asher likes everything about his earphones, he will also suggest the Pample Mousse to his friends.

Asher’s mother is a huge believer in inorganic physics (astronomy) and Asher’s father and Asher himself hate astronomy. Both father and son do not believe in anything supernatural.

Asher’s mother tells him how Asher used to be a restless and naughty baby and his sister was quite the opposite. She was always calm and quiet.

Asher and his family recent went on a vacation to the Republic of China and there in a museum they saw the world’s first ever cannon that was invented in the 12th century.

Asher deeply admires the Brian Tracy (motivational speaker) and has read almost each and every book by him. He also loves to listen to his videos.

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Economics Teacher with curly hair chose Fiance Bridal

Hau is a 30 years old Economics teacher who has been teaching at one of the most expensive schools of Hanoi city for last 6 years. Hau is a stunning beauty and she has beautiful curly hair that are very rare to see in the country of Vietnam. Her soon-to-be husband owns a large chain of English language school and he is 32 now. His name is Hien.

Hua and Hien have several things in common. They both love to ride horses and a horse riding club is where they both met. They were members of the same horse riding club when they both lived in the Ho Chi Minh City in the year 2010.

They both have been learning Portuguese language as well for the last couple of months. Both Hua and Hien are very extrovert and friendly. They both have several friends.

Hua and Hien have a great chemistry going together. In the past 7 years, they have had only one argument yet and that was a very petty argument over a petty thing.

Hua and Hien have attended many concerts together. The latest one was a Justin Bieber concert.

So, Hua decided to take Hien along with her to select her bridal dress. They went to at least 50 shops in Hanoi City looking for an ideal dress. Then they went back to their homes. Hua was thinking about ordering one online, but then Hien asked her if she would like to visit the most popular bridal dress shop in all of Hanoi city – Fiance Bridal. Hua replied “If I don’t like anything here, I will order my dress online.”

Once she visited the Fiance Bridal Store in Hanoi City, Hua was amazed at seeing the quality of the bridal dresses that the store was selling. She had never seen so many high quality bridal dresses at one place before even though she had been to about 50 bridal dress stores before.

Of course, Hua picked up one dress of her choice and she will wear the same on her most special day.

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Software Engineer got AC installed finally with the advise of Chan Brothers in Singapore

Eun Jung is a 24 year old software engineer who was born in the Chinatown area of Singapore. Eun Jung always liked to be independent and she has been a loner since she was very little. She remembers how she liked to be alone away from her parents, away from her sister and her two brothers. After Eun Jung got a job at the age of 21, she decided to shift to the Novena area and live alone. It had been 2 years already and Eun Jung didn’t get an AC fixed at her new rented house due to the fear of the electricity and repair/servicing bills. Eun Jung had a stereotype that ACs are very expensive to run and maintain.

In this year only, she was passing by the Woodlands area when she saw the board of Chan Brothers, she finally thought of asking them how much would it be per month to maintain and run an AC. The Chan Brothers told her that the cost of maintaining an AC is chachki if she is getting her aircon servicing in Singapore by honest experts like Chan Brothers.

Eun Jung finally got an AC installed and she is very happy with the decision.

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