Arkhip Cermak feels like he is made up of iron since the day he started using CrazyBulk

Arkhip Cermak (name changed) feels all the time that he is made up of iron since he started caring about his fitness so much. Arkhip is a bank owner who started treating his friends, family and almost everyone that he regularly dealt with disdain because he felt bloated and muscularly weak all the time.

Arkhip says that he used to believe that the healthy looking people were genetically so but now he knows that they all care about what they eat so much and their nutrition is their no.1 priority.

Arkhip recently went to Amsterdam and he came to a conclusion there that the sex toys and pornography are no substitutes to the prostitution business. He says that the pimps and prostitutes are still thriving as always.

Arkhip has a very weird accent because he studied in international schools and colleges all his life.

Arkhip’s wife – Anfisa is a strict Muslim who felt guilty after taking money on interest for a new business. Anfisa and Arkhip have a baby on the way and they really hope that the baby born to them will have far bigger muscles than an average baby because they are both using CrazyBulk for a better body for a while.

Since Anfisa got pregnant, Arkhip wanks off to his impure thoughts to gratify himself so that the baby born doesn’t get affected at all.

Anfisa and Arkhip have already bought a bed made of silver for their upcoming baby.

Anfisa got into the textile business after learning that some textile merchants have even higher standards of living than some tycoons. Anfisa was originally interested in starting a local newspaper as she passionate about the same but most newspaper companies are already suffering losses everywhere and that’s what prevented her from doing the same.

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Doggy Dan turned this camera-shy dog owner into a camera freak

Justin Svoboda (name changed) says that he has got a full-time friendly and nice vet in Doggy Dan book. Justin is a very picture-shy gentleman but he didn’t hesitate to take his pictures with his Tibetan Mastiff and post a Doggy Dan Review after getting fascinated by the way it had the positive effect in the way he raised up one of the best things to happen in his life – his Tibetan Mastiff whom he named Mughal.

Justin has traveled around the world and currently he is busy writing a book about all the stuff that he observed throughout his life yet, Justin says that it wouldn’t have been possible for him to write a book of his own if Doggy Dan didn’t help him so much of time. In his book Justin is writing about how most Danish people don’t give a hoot about the politics. Justin is also writing about how a great percentage of the farmers around the world are still not affected by the disease called social media that much.

Justin believes that the USA would have been much better if the French won most of the wars instead of the British. Although himself of Czech origin, Justin finds French people much more wise, friendly, visionary, classy and intelligent than the British.

Justin is also writing in his book about the ritual of child marriages that he noticed are still prevalent in a couple of Japanese villages and about a man that he met in this very village who could tell the complexion of a person just by the smell of his sweat.

Since reading Doggy Dan, Justin has started overemphasizing on the benefits of feeding your pet dogs with raw vegetables and fruits. He also imports black rice aka purple rice from Myanmar for his Mughal.

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Ayurveda is a ripoff, better stick with the Western medicine and enjoy a trip to Rethymnon – Achima Dalby

Achima Dalby (name changed) lived for a long time in India to study and learn the Indian spiritual and cultural values of the Indian subcontinent.

Achima came back with the conclusion that India’s cultural and spiritual values have lots of flaws. Achima studied the Ayurveda while living in India and she found it as nothing but broscience. Achima says that most of the things mentioned in the Ayurveda are just the opposite of the truth. Achima claims that the tamasic foods (foods that supposedly make you lazy) mentioned in the Ayurveda are in fact always able to make Achima filled with more energy. One such tamasic diet is ‘meat’ which never fails to make Achima filled with energy and enthusiasm.

One thing that Achima found the most annoying about the people of the Indian subcontinent is that they speak a lot of ‘and’ while speaking English. She also gave the example of Ashish Masih of Autoportal to prove what she was saying is true.

Achima recently bought an exotic villa by the sea in the city called Rethymnon on the Crete Island in Greece. She enjoyed the city thoroughly with the help of car hire Rethymnon once before buying the villa and that’s when she fell in love with the Rethymnon city.

Achima is currently busy writing tales like the biblical stories which she is going to name ‘Biblical stories Part 2’, Achima claims that the tales in Biblical Stories Part 2 will be more fascinating, enjoyable and heart-touching for the kids than the original biblical tales.

Achima has done a lot of research on the ancient Persia and she claims that the ancient Persians used to worship ashes before the advent of Zoroastrianism.

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Lyft driver from Indiana claims to have found the cure for talkativeness

Fabio Caverly (name changed) claims to have found an excellent cure for the talkativeness. Fabio used to be a talkative Indiana Uber driver and by golly his cab used to get hired by nobody but beautiful women, Fabio used to get so intimated by those beautiful women that he had no idea about how to talk to them. Fabio then signed up with Lyft using Lyft driver promo code and found out that Lyft passengers include more women than Uber. Fabio then developed a meditation technique which got rid of his talkativeness within a matter of 2 weeks. Fabio is confused whether to make money with selling and teaching this meditation technique or give it out for free.

Some of Fabio’s passengers can afford to buy any car that they want but they still use cabs to travel from one place to another because they consider spending money on a car to be a wastage. Many of those guys and girls watch a lot of Scotty Kilmer’s videos and the only options left to them are boring Toyotas, yes, if you watch a lot of Scotty Kilmer’s videos, the same is bound to happen to you as well, he says that every other car than a Toyota or a Lexus is a waste of money.

Fabio says that it is her personal observation that German people are more diplomatic and worried about their self-esteem than their British counterparts. Fabio says that throughout his life he has discovered that most things are contrary to the popular beliefs.

Before becoming an independent Uber and Lyft driver, Fabio used to be a bodyguard and a chauffeur for one of the richest men in South Bend, Indiana.

Fabio has developed a greater self-esteem and a sense of happiness since he started working as an independent driver.

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Mithraism is the most tolerant religion followed closely by the Buddhism – Dror Bernard

Dror Bernard (name changed) claims that the decision of the Supreme Court of India to legalize gay and lesbian marriages was indeed an order given to the Indian Chief Justice by the ministers that live in the Washington DC. Dror says that she has a found a secret report in which it is clearly mentioned that a prominent lesbian minister of the United States of America who has won elections twice with great margins is responsible for the gay and lesbian marriage legalization in India.

Dror says that she has a great knowledge about the different religions of the world including the extinct ones. Dror says that Mithraism was the best religion ever known to the mankind. Dror is an atheist herself but she says that if the world wants to experience peace, freedom and rights of all positive kinds and they want this to happen with the help of a religion then Mithraism is the only religion to follow. Dror says that the United Nations and the governments of all the countries must study Mithraism and then decide if they should make it obligatory for each citizen of their country to follow Mithraism and ban all the other religions because according to Dror’s personal experience, it is impossible for a religious person to be tolerant to the religion of another person. Dror says that the only religion that she has observed to be tolerant to the other religions is the never declared religion called ‘Capitalism’. Dror says that the capitalists are the only people that do not care about what religion you do belong to, they just care about their profits and that’s all.

Dror is a materialist herself but not the extent of madness, just give her nice home to live in, a luxury German or British car, great food to eat and a ticket to Thailand every second month and she is all good. She is going to the Pattaya this coming Saturday and from there she will take a taxi to Hua Hin and explore Hua Hin for the very first time on her 73rd trip to Thailand.

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Ontario, Canada based author bought a new house on the Church Street, Newmarket with the money he made with his previous book

Sergio Gonzalez (name changed) is an author from Ontario, Canada who has written several books on the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Japan. Sergio recently wrote a book that is called “War, Weapons, Pakistan and Conspiracies”, according to which, the state of Pakistan has no nuclear weapons and they are acting like they do have them so that their neighboring and a lot more powerful country called India never attacks them.

One of the chapters in Sergio’s book is about the fake nuclear technology of North Korea. Sergio accuses North Korea of lying about their nuclear technology and their missile tests to be done by the missiles imported by India. Sergio has accused the NATO for killing the late Prime Minister of Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto and he has also mentioned that she was falsely accused of supplying North Korea with nuclear technology. Sergio has written that neither North Korea nor Pakistan has any nuclear technology.

Sergio has read a lot of Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Jewish mythology. He says that strangely Hindu gods have characteristics like the Jewish, Babylonian, Greek and Roman gods. Sergio doubts that the modern day Hindus are a mix of several different tribes from almost all across the world including the Arabians. Sergio says that the Hindus call the moon “Chandrama” which sounds very similar to “Allah”.

Sergio recently bought a new house on the Church Street, Newmarket, Ontario with the money he made with his previous book which he named “General Motors – A soon to be history Car Manufacturer”. The book sold like hot cakes and one popular Hollywood director is even thinking about creating a movie on it. The Hollywood director is infatuated with the General Motors and he believes that maybe a movie can revive the brand GM.

Sergio’s newly bought house is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and Sergio is planning to move there permanently and selling out his Leslie Street house.

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One of the most successful female CEOs in the history of Greece is looking for politics related children’s movies

Rada Cuch (name changed) is the daughter of one of the most successful and popular wrestlers in the history of Greece. Born and raised up in the coastal city called Corinth, Rada has been living in Athens for the past 5 years or so where she is a CEO at a top multinational company. Rada is one of the most successful women CEO in all of Greece. Rada receives half of the profits that the company makes, she has been making millions of Euros since she joined the company and in the past 5 years, the company that she works for has become one of the most successful in its field whereas it used to incur losses each year before Rada joined it.

Rada is a busy woman and even a fool can tell that but she loves to spend time with her children and on an average she somehow manages to spend 150 minutes with them everyday. Rada loves to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with her kids; she herself enjoys the movies produced by Disney to this day, especially the ones that include Uncle Scrooge the Duck.

Rada wants to instigate her kids in the politics of Greece and she has been looking for children’s movies that will increase the knowledge of her kids in the field of politics but so far she has only been unsuccessful finding the same.

Rada’s dad comes to visit his grandchildren every weekend and he never gets tired of repeating the same old boring stories about himself and his success to his kids which utterly bores the kids like nothing else but he never realizes it himself.

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She hates Germany but loves technology, her android wrestling video game is one of the best

Imelda Bensaid (name changed) claims estrogen rich foods increase testosterone in men and estrogen in women, Imelda says that the only way the estrogen rich foods can harm the men is by the aromatization process and that process will convert the excess testosterone into estrogen because of the excess testosterone, not because they inhaled soy or anything.

Imelda has traveled the world and she says that no country is as boring as the Germany. Imelda says that Germany is so boring that she cannot stop yawning whenever she is there and she misses her home so much in Germany that it cannot be described in words.

Imelda loves to read history and she claims that the Industrial revolution was nothing less than the miracle of the sun back in the day. She says that the tech revolution cannot be even compared to the glory that the Industrial revolution brought about. She says that those were the magical days of the history.

Imelda has read a lot of Islamic history and religious texts as well and she says the claim that Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed broke 9 swords in one battle that lasted only for hours is an exaggerated lie. In reality, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed broke only 3 swords in that battle.

Imelda has done an extensive study on the Indian subcontinent and she claims that the ministers in Pakistan are chosen by the people sitting in the White Office, Washington DC, United States. According to Imelda – “Pakistani ministers who protest against the drones are traitors who themselves report to the NATO about the persons that the United States of America or Europe is looking for. Many times those guys are innocent and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the times, more innocent people than the accused are hurt or/and killed than the guilty ones. The government of Europe or USA doesn’t even bother to say sorry for the death of the innocent men, women and kids.”

Imelda recently got a wrestling android video game built by one of the most professional Indonesian android application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android). The video game turned out to be much better than Imelda herself expected.

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Once a toilet cleaner, Leyna now stays at the most expensive suite of the Emerald Cove, Koh Chang

Leyna Tequila (name changed) started her career as a toilet cleaner in a 5 star hotel of Lyon, France, today she owns the most successful packaged fruit juice company of France and one of the most successful in all of Europe.

Leyna says that her experience has taught her that wealthy people are a lot more civilized than the non-wealthy ones. Leyna says that the wealthy people are better friends, better family members and almost everything else. According to Lena, “It is better to have one wealthy friend than a string of poor ones.”

Leyna gives privacy and freedom the utmost importance in life and that’s the reason why whenever she travels to Koh Chang from France, she hires nothing but a Thai Happy Taxi. Leyna was the first person to have reviewed Thai Happy Taxi on Trip Advisor and the rest is history, at the time I am writing this post, there are 712 excellent reviews for the Thai Happy Taxi firm on Trip Advisor.

Leyna remembers the days when she used to sell banner advertisements on her websites. After going back home from her toilet cleaning job, Leyna would research the internet checking how she can start making money on the internet. Within 4 months, Leyna came across this idea of creating and popularizing a website and then selling banner advertisements on the same. Within 9 months of embarking her online business journey, Leyna had successfully multiplied the number of websites that she owned to 11 websites and she was making as much money selling banner advertisements on her website as she did with her toilet cleaning job, after 3 more months, she was making more money than her toilet cleaning job with selling banner advertisements on her website. After 5 more years, she started her own little juice factory, 3 more years and that juice factory had been transformed into a packaged juice selling company and the rest is history.

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Miami’s smartest professor is getting married to a West Palm Beach Richie Physician in March of 2017

Mia Cortis (name changed) is a very intelligent academic champion who is considered to be one of the smartest professors ever in the college that she used to teach in.

Mia was compelled to resign from the job after another female professor made fake accusations against Mia. There was no way to prove or deny those accusations but it definitely destroyed the reputation of Mia as a professor, Mia started hating the atmosphere of the college after that and decided to resign finally.

Mia’s subject is not history but she has a great interest in the mainstream history and biblical history as well. Mia claims that some mysterious Jew discovered what is now called the city of David aka Jerusalem.

Mia loves Jews so much that she is getting married to a Jewish physician from West Palm Beach in the month of March, 2019. This physician (Mia’s fiance) is a real loud mouth who laughs out very loud too, when he was booking the venue for their wedding, he kept laughing like crazy while talking to the people that own the venue. The oldest among them even said to him – laugh all you can before the March, you won’t feel like laughing after that, I am married for 27 years and I know how it feels.

Mia’s fiance is a very rich man who inherited several bars and pubs after the death of his grandfather. While Mia still drives the Ford Ecosport and calls it the kids’ Range Rover, her fiance owns a fleet of Landcruiser, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and last but not the least, Bentley.

Mia’s fiance has a great interest in religions, arts, music and technology.

While Mia dresses better than her favorite movie stars, her fiance dresses like a nerd. Steve Jobs used to dress better than Mia’s fiance.

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Catholic considered Islam and Hinduism before turning atheist, the only religion that he follows currently is called texnologia

Francis Valavanis (name changed) used to teach mathematics in a school within the same neighborhood that he lives in. After learning about the spread of Islam at such a large scale within such a short span of time, Francis decided to become a Muslim himself believing that accepting Islam will result in his own good luck. Francis made a smart move, he decided to read the Quran and other Muslim scriptures and stories only to find out that most of the things that Islam preaches are unscientific. The thing that Francis started detesting most about the Islam is that Islam preaches inbreeding.

Francis then turned to ISKCON Temple and after learning that Krishna – the supreme god of ISKCON asked his younger sister to marry her own first cousin – Arjuna, Francis left his interest in Hinduism as well.

The thing that made Francis most interested in Islam was the success of all the Arabian countries in finding oil beneath their land. Francis believed that it was by the grace of Allah and Allah is the one and only real god.

Francis even started building his own company that manufactures gadgets and tech related products after he decided to accept Islam believing that the Allah will be on his side and nothing will be able to stop him from becoming the next Li Shufu.

Unlike most other religious people turned atheists, Francis didn’t choose the way of alcoholism, drug-addiction, whore-mongering and questioning the purpose of life but he instead focused on expanding his business.

Francis is still running that gadget manufacturing company but he hasn’t borrowed any loan like he was planning to earlier in a hope that Allah will help in all his business ventures, the only thing that has been helping Francis nowadays are top tech and gadget blogs like texnologia.

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Chronic diseases are a punishment by the divine and a trip to Thailand is a boon by the same divine

Friso Walter (name changed) claims that beautiful women stare back at him more than the ugly ones. Anybody who has even once seen Friso can easily deny his claim as he is a really ugly man. If you tell Friso on his face that he is ugly, he will revert back to you telling you that it doesn’t matter to the women, they only care about a man’s confidence.

Friso is a software engineer who works with a major multinational IT company. Friso loves to play snooker and listen to the Hebrew music as much as he loves to make love those Thai beauties in Bangkok. Friso travels to Bangkok at least thrice a year to have some fun and Friso’s journey usually doesn’t end there, he loves to visit other Thai cities and towns as well. Friso made a trip to Thailand in the month of August this year as well, Friso thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of the expensive cab that he hired from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak.

Friso is a 45 year old pantheist who is yet free from any chronic disease like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, Friso says that chronic diseases are a form of punishment for the sins by the divine.

I met Friso in Amphawa, Thailand once and asked him “Do you believe that modern day Israel and Palestine have something holy about them?” To which he replied, “There is nothing holy about the so-called holy land, it is just a belief that the White people have been using to polarize two separate communities which used to have friendly relations once and were both against the Christians and their missionaries.”

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This Thai businessman who is considered one of the greatest visionaries buys only Asian products be it canvas bags or a SUV

Akara Tracy (name changed) is an extremely hyperactive and motivated gentleman who is a great visionary as well, Akara rightly predicted most of the events that are taking place today long ago. For example, Akara predicted in the year 1999 that Republic of China will be economically stronger than ever before, he predicted that the Republic of China will be a home to several major IT companies, which has proven to be true, today the Republic of China is home to Lenovo, Volvo, AliBaba.

Akara runs several different successful small businesses including a small company that manufactures and sells bottles made of silver. Akara’s businesses include both online and offline businesses. Akara has been trying so hard to create a business like for so long but he hasn’t been able to find out yet that how this small company gets to make and sell top quality canvas and cotton bags at dirt cheap prices. Akara has traveled the world and he hasn’t found a company that could be put in parallel to BB Bags when it comes to the cotton and canvas bags. Definitely, he has seen companies that sell better products, but not at this price.

Akara recently wanted to buy a new family SUV and he was in a dilemma to choose between an Audi Q7 or a Volvo XC90, he went for the Volvo XC90 as it is a Chinese company now although he liked the Q7 a lot more. Akara says that the Q7 felt a lot more premium than the XC90 but he is against buying the German products when the similar products can be bought from an Asian company.

Akara is against supporting anything other than Asian companies. Akara claims that the European and American companies make a fool out of their consumers. Akara says that the Europeans used to be unparalleled in terms of quality and everything else till the dawn of the 21st century, today he says that an Asian needs to only buy Asian products.

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Hair transplant before and after 5000 grafts

Joel Jackson (name changed) used to be an alcoholic and he says that the alcohol stole all the joy in his life. After coming back from the rehab, the first thing that Joel decided to do was get a hair transplant to bring back some joy in his life, he got a 5000 grafts hair transplant and boy, does he look different in his hair transplant before and after 5000 grafts pictures?

According to Joel Jackson’s personal observations, creative people are much calmer and focused almost all the time while the ones who are not creative, are not.

Joel Jackson says that ‘purity’ and ‘chastity’ are two different concepts in Christianity. He says that the purity refers to “not cheating with your spouse and having no sexual relations before marriage” but chastity refers to “having no sexual relationship before the marriage and after the marriage, having sex merely for the reproduction.”

Joel says that there is a relationship between the Cologne that we apply on our bodies and Germany’s Cologne city.

Joel was recently watching BrassTacks TV series with English subtitles, he couldn’t stop laughing at this joker called Zaid Zaman aka Syed Zaid Hamid Zaman aka Lal Topi (Red Hat). This joker was claiming that the whole world will one day will become a Khilafat state and all the non-Islamic countries and their chiefs must come to the chiefs and people of the Islamic countries and say sorry to them in order to be saved from the wrath of the Khilafat movement fanatics.

After learning that Zaid Zaman’s father was from Bihar, India, Joel traveled to Bihar to check out what kind of a place Bihar is, after coming back, Joel described Bihar as the most literal shithole he has ever seen.


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She owns a dog store, advocates martial law and she wants to sell Christmas Origami on eBay

Coty Farkas (name changed) learns far more rapidly than all her colleagues, cousins and friends. She says that epic results and achievements require epic struggle and hardships.

Coty is a history buff and reading history is one of her most favorite hobbies. Coty claims that the coronation hats represent the architecture of a nation. She says that the coronation hats of Rajasthan, India are just like the native and traditional architecture of Rajasthan while the coronation hats of the legendary medieval South Indian Vijayanagar empire look just like the ancient palaces and temples built in South India.

Coty was born to one of the largest restaurant chain owners in the country.

Coty currently owns 2 businesses. Coty owns a pet store that only sells live dogs, both online and offline. Most of Coty’s dogs business come through her own website and also through the word of mouth. The other business of Coty is a well-established horse breeding business that has a reputation of being the best in the arena.

Coty has a habit of making so many statements and one of the statements that she recently made on her pet store’s blog was “Martial law is the best and worst in its own ways. Martial law is not that bad as the media projects it to be. It sometimes looks to me that media tries to promote martial law in a way as the modern people hate the media and the media knows this, so whatever the media talks against, the people in general are likely to do the opposite of the same.”

Coty has been looking for a way to enter the booming eBay business and she thinks selling Origami Christmas paper on eBay is a good idea to start. She checked the topmost sellers selling the same product on eBay and found that they are selling tons of it, she is about to talk to an Origami paper wholesaler in a couple of days to make her dream of owning an eBay business a reality.

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This Chicago boy seeks attention with folding crazy and innovative origamis

Marshall Kogen (name changed) has studied the economy of India and several different Indian industries including both legal and illegal. Marshall finds the prostitution industry in India so strange. Marshall says that the escort industry in India used to be so huge until 2015 but it is now the massage spas that are running the prostitution scene. Marshall did show me several news articles and other evidences proving that all the massage spas where they are running the prostitution business are owned by the MLAs (Mayors), Member of Parliaments and even Cabinet Ministers. They raid the competing massage spas in order to have their monopoly and these politicians indeed have a sort of monopoly in the prostitution scene of India.

Marshall claims that the King Size beds were a lot more common back in the days when polygamy was common. They would have threesomes, foursomes and gang bang sort of stuff on these king size beds. The people who couldn’t afford king size beds would do it on the floor. Marshall says that contrary to the popular belief, poor men were more likely to marry more than one woman back in ancient times.

Marshall’s father is a popular athlete who is also one of the youngest ever wrestling gold medal winners. He is a very charming and decent person.

Born to American-German-Jewish parents in a modest neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, Marshall didn’t enjoy a coronation like a King but he feels like a King all the time nevertheless.

Marshall is a constant attention seeker and he seeks online attention by creating some of the most innovative and crazy origami structures.

Marshall wants to buy a Red Lotus Elise Sprint 220 by the end of February, 2019 and all his friends are wishing him luck for the same.

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Pro-life, anti-abortionist catholic Brazilian woman is an e-commerce success

Since the day Andressa Gomez (name changed) discovered Youtube, she has been spending more time reading comments than she does on watching videos. She enjoys reading comments on Youtube videos almost more than anything else, she likes it even more operating her own successful virtual store (loja virtual) and let me tell you, she loves owning and managing her own virtual store, when she started off in the e-commerce business, it was a dream come true for her.

Andressa is a devout catholic and she regularly does rosary prayers live on the Youtube and discord servers. As a devout catholic, it is obvious that Andressa is a pro-life who is against abortions and using contraceptions. According to Andressa – “Donald Trump may act all pro-life, anti-abortionist, anti-contraceptive Christian, but the reality is that he has made several women go through abortions and he uses contraceptives more than anyone else you have ever come across, his bedroom is filled with contraceptive pills, condoms and other related stuff everywhere.”

Andressa says that the world is underpopulated and the overpopulation is a myth created by some evil people that want to enslave people.

Andressa also says that anti-natalists, misanthropes and effilists must be behind the prison because they are spreading negativity towards life and are responsible for making millions of people depressed and anti-life. Andressa says that the anti-natalists, misanthropes and effilists have made thousands of people commit suicide with their stupid theories.

I have personally come across several effilists, antinatalists and misanthropes, and these people believe that Satan is responsible for running the world and Yahweh was Satan in disguise. These people are horrible, they are a cancer for a successful, prosperous and happy life.

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Top gay underwear brand accepts litecoins, bitcoins, Zcash and QIWI

Mitch Parsons (name changed) owns a sexy gay underwear brand that is aimed at serving the top 0.5% of the gay men community. Mitch is a fashion designer by profession and he has this incredible stamina which is unbelievable, he designs, manages and even packs the products that he sells online himself, all on his own.

The most revolutionary thing about Mitch’s gay underwear store is that it was the first gay underwear store online to accept bitcoins, currently his store accepts all major cryptocurrencies including dogecoin, litecoin, Zcash, QIWI money. He stays updated with the latest price of the cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrency market.

Mitch is married with kids and his friends find it hard to believe how he gets enough time to manage and expand his business so smoothly.

According to Mitch, spending money on expensive cars is one of the greatest disrespect of money. Mitch can afford almost any car that is available in the market but he still owns an old Mazda and a Honda Civic.

Mitch’s brother – Ian is much richer than Mitch, his current net worth is about 42 million USD and he is aiming to make it 100 million by the end of 2020. Ian’s business is enjoying a smooth run in the international market. Ian owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley Arnage, a BMW X6, a Jaguar XJ, and a Ford Raptor pick-up truck. He also owns several BMW, Honda and Yamaha bikes.

Ian is a driving and bike-riding freak. He loves to drive his BMW X6 from Barcelona to Tarragona in Spain, he enjoys the very scenic sight and curvy road thoroughly.

Ian was caught by the cops last week for riding his Yamaha MT 09 at a speed of 180 kph.

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Punjabi Hindu woman loves to celebrate Christmas and she folds Christmas Origami in every season

Meenakshi Daand (name changed) is a Punjabi-Arora lady who was born in the city called Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. India is a secular country and Meenakshi is a living epitome of secularism. She celebrates the festivals of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. During each Christmas holidays, Meenakshi folds Origami Christmas with her 2 kids, a 7 year old son and a 8 year old daughter.

Meenakshi has a starfish aquarium in her house and she finds it hard to make her kids resist the same. They stand near the aquarium hours at a time staring at the starfishes and forget to study or play any sports.

Meenakshi did her schooling at the Guru Harkishan Public School in India Gate, New Delhi and college in Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Once while Meenakshi was in the washroom of her school, she heard some loud screams of someone, she went out to check what has happened and she found out that a guy had struck a girl she crushed on her head. Meenakshi ran away from there and told the whole story to the principal of the school who really took some nice and hard action about it.

Once Meenakshi’s husband messed up with a MLA (equivalent to the Mayor in United States) which no prudent and shrewd common person dare does in India. The MLA took the revenge by getting a struggling model to accuse Meenakshi’s husband of running a prostitution ring and trying to force that struggling model into the prostitution. The MLA really gave Meenakshi’s whole family a hard time and Meenakshi’s husband stayed in a prison for 15 days. He had to bribe the jury to prove that he is not guilty which is not an uncommon practice in India.

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Orthodox Jewish lady keeps herself mentally fit with simple origami folding

Maria Ahlberg (name changed) believes physical exercise is a waste of time. Her belief is that all the nerves in the arms, legs, abdomens are connected to the brain (which is true) and if you keep yourself mentally healthy, your physical body will be absolutely healthy.

Maria for sure knows a lot of deal about hundreds of different subjects but I do not agree with this crazy belief of her that if you maintain an excellent mental health you don’t need to do any physical exercise.

Anyways, one of the exercises that Maria does to keep herself mentally fit is simple origami folding.

Maria is an orthodox Jew but she doubts her religious beliefs many times. Maria has this peculiar quality of staying happy during the toughest of times and she attributes this quality of hers to belief in god. Sometimes, I personally think that she believes in god only for that.

Maria’s one and only brother – Azriel. Azriel visualizes the face of his mother whom he loves the most whenever he feels like giving up. He is an atheist, therefore visualizing or praying to god is useless for him.

Azriel studied law in college and he is yet to get a case to fight. He has been making living selling stuff on eBay. He sells toys, clothing, imported watches from China, electronics and home appliances.

Azriel recently donated his pet horse because he couldn’t feed it anymore.

Azriel doesn’t believe that there is any such thing as god’s chosen people. In Hebrew language, each and every word has several meanings and Azriel thinks that it was something else that Abraham was trying to convey to the ‘children of Israel’.

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High achievers don’t use electric water heater anymore

Deborah Esposito (name changed) sleeps at least 12 hours a day. She barely saves any penny. According to Deborah, “Winning attitude can sometimes lead to disasters”. She says that a human being’s personality is sculptured by the age of 7 and she was nothing but a sloth loser before that and it is impossible for her to be anything else.

Depressive Eastern religions attract Deborah a lot, once Deborah traveled all the way to Himalayas, India to meet yoga, bhakti and meditation gurus, but she discovered that they were all rapists. She immediately came back as she realized that and got back to her lazy sloth life. If ever Deborah tries to push herself harder, she hits the verge of insanity so she says it is better for her to not try it at all.

Deborah’s husband – Vince is quite the opposite. Vince says that money is just a part of the success, the real success to him is the feeling of contentment and fulfillment that comes to him from achieving his goals. He says that money is just an icing on the cake.

Vince always starts with making unrealistic goals. His favorite quote is “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

Vince says that fantasy thinking is what leads to inventions most of the times. He daydreams a lot and has tried several times to invent things but never succeeded. Like most high achievers nowadays, Vince only prefers his bathing water to be heated with natural gas tankless water heater.

Vince attributes his success and high achievement to his father’s superb efforts to make his studious. His father used to try his best to make Vince study hard and Vince never disappointed him.

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Novi Sad business woman achieving all her short term goals like Genghis Khan

Gurana Medved (name changed) owns a bungalow with 5 enormous rooms in Vršačka neighborhood in Novi Sad city. Gurana inherited 2 department stores from her father when he died. The stores were doing well until large department store chains took over. After struggling for a while, Gurana finally sold out the department stores to the larger chain stores that were giving her a hard time.

As they say that you become what you think about most of the time, Gurana developed a very low self-esteem since she got hit by that experience. Gurana then started listening to the motivational speakers and reading books written by the same motivational speakers. Her outlook about the life changed completely since then. The story of Les Brown inspired her the most, how an ineducable mentally retarded man achieved almost all of his dreams. He is a father of several happy and healthy kids now with a net worth of tens of million of dollars. He even run as a mayor once and won the elections.

Gurana then started working on creating an online and offline furniture business that she aims to make the largest furniture business in all of Balkan peninsula. It has already achieved big successes. Gurana has been successfully achieving all the short-term goals that she set for her furniture business. She imports furniture from some of the best furniture wholesalers in Shunde district China and sells it in Serbia online and offline. She was surprised to know that very few businesspersons will taking advantage of this opportunity. They were all selling Serbia made furniture that costs thrice as much for the same quality. She was amazed at how lazy people are.

Gurana has already bought that mansion which I mentioned in the start of this post last month. She is now keeping all her savings in her QIWI wallet and bitcoins. She also too often converts her QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин) whenever she feels like that the prices of the bitcoins are about to rise.

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Fitness freak rejects the theory of testosterone olfaction, claims treadmill is the best source for a better manhood

Candy Vercetti (name changed) is definitely on another level when it comes to fitness and healthy. She even owns a discord server where they discuss health and fitness all the time. I recently read one of the treadmill reviews on Amazon and found out it was none other than my neighbor Candy.

Candy firmly believes that most articles about maintaining health on the internet are by amateur writers who know nothing about health, they just know how to create a good-looking designer blog and act like they know everything. “Most of what you read on the internet regarding health, supplements and fitness are nothing but misconceptions”, said Candy in her server.

One guy on her server was doing a cycle of a supplement that recently became very popular, its name is Denik Mupostarine, only to experience the side effects and no benefits. He then in rage, started writing negative reviews about the product everywhere that he could.

Candy herself never tried any other supplement(s) than a Vitamin Shoppe multivitamin back in 2014. Candy claims that it never did any benefit to her and she was paying for just a placebo.

Candy rejects the theory of testosterone olfaction, claiming it is just a placebo like many other.

Candy is a great believer in Traditional Chinese medicine. When asked her age, Candy doesn’t like to tell that she is 27 but rather she says tells the number of days that she has lived. For example, once on her server I asked her how old are you Candy? She told me 9777 days. She says that it really helps her with her life goals.

Candy never meditated and never wants to. She rejects it totally by claiming that it is a total waste of time.

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Indian woman married to a Japanese-American can’t imagine living without him

Rupali Mehta (name changed) is an Indian woman living in the United States for the past 8 years. Rupali hates miserable and poor Indians, she claims that they are themselves responsible for what is happening to them.

Rupali and her husband Hiroji who is of Japanese origin have enjoyed little honeymoons with each other all over the world including New York, Tokyo, Goa, Mumbai, Paris, Venice, Tel Aviv, Dubai, you name it.

The attraction between Rupali and Hiroji wasn’t initially sexual and it wasn’t so until the first 6 months of their marriage but suddenly Rupali hit the prime of her sexuality and she made Hiroji realize somehow that he needs to do something about his size or they will either have to separate or Rupali will have to find another solution (calling male escorts when he is away, have boyfriends and make Hiroji a cuckold).

Hiroji looked for the solution all over the internet, tried several different techniques mentioned on a popular forum that goes by the name PEGym, applied several different lotions and stuff like that but nothing worked. He then by accident one day stumbled upon a penile implant video and said to himself that this is it.

Earlier it used to be Hiroji who had to convince Rupali in the night but since Hiroji got the penile implant done, it is Rupali who convinces him each night because she is now too much addicted to Hiroji’s newfound manhood that she can’t put herself to sleep unless she enjoys a ride to heaven. Hiroji never lets her fantasies vanish, he does his best to fulfill them and he gets successful each time in doing so.

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Inherited several millions and invested it all in cryptocurrencies

Lisa Liberachi (name changed) believes in living in harmony with the nature. She is a very smart and flexible businesswoman who always makes exceptions for the long-term clients. She owns a real estate business which has a distinctive feature of the employees visiting you at your home and showing you all the pictures, videos and other information that you may be interested in for the properties. They do it in an extremely smart and effective way that I can’t even describe properly.

Lisa Liberachi utilizes the latest technologies and cutting edge marketing to ensure her real estate business ads are seen by a high quality, affluent audience.

Lisa Liberachi is a beautiful, passionate being with the eyes of sky color and natural big breasts.

Lisa aims to provide her children with excellent education whether it be the formal one or one about the life.

Lisa owns a liquor brand as well. Their liquor is most popular in the hotels. Hotels that have mostly upscale and affluent business travelers coming in for a stay. Lisa herself stays at first-class hotels which fall at least in the four star range. The last 15-20 generations of Lisa’s maternal and paternal family spent their lives in poverty and she knows how bad it is being born in poverty.

Lisa has a peculiar philosophical capacity and an ability to think freely and clearly the way most others cannot.

Lisa and her husband enjoy dinner dates, evenings at the theater and a nice personal time together. Lisa’s husband has invested most of what he inherited in cryptocurrencies and he also has a cryptocurrency blog which he updates every Saturday.

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Maltese woman kicking the butts of fake news spreaders on social media

Every human child needs a parent to survive till a certain age. If not a parent then at least a guardian, but some crazy idiots are nowadays busy spreading rumors all over the social media that several great and legendary historic personalities survived without any parent or guardian while they were toddlers.

Netanya Mason (name changed) is a Jewish lady who was born and raised up in the beautiful tiny island country called Malta. Netanya Mason has been kicking the asses of these misguiding fake news spreaders on social media. Netanya Mason’s full-time business is marketing online itself and it is not a tough task for her to beat these guys alone. She knows how to do it very well. She is a one-woman army.

Netanya has been single for a while and she is trying her best to get a new partner. She doesn’t want to get fat but wants lumps in all the right places to look and feel more feminine. For me personally, if I were single, I would have accepted Netanya no matter what she looked like. Netanya and I could make so much happen. We would make each day together nothing less than a heaven. Women like Netanya are very rare. She is strong, intelligent, wise.

Netanya is extremely tech-savvy too. She has all the latest gadgets you never heard of.

Like almost everyone on the planet, Netanya too has so many sad stories about herself to tell. Once she was accused by her own parents of stealing thousands of dollars from her own family. She never committed that crime but that event left a profound imprint on Netanya’s psyche that even her parents could think of her that way.

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British self-made millionaire preferred Istanbul over London when it came to the hair transplant

Peter Anderson (name changed) is an English gentleman who has a habit of saying “Fix it and call me when you are done”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say the same to Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu when he was doing a FUT hair transplant on Mr Peter Anderson. The hair transplant went more successful than Peter expected. “It is nothing less than a miracle. Thank you Dr Norman Orentriech, Thank you Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu”, said Peter Anderson after having a look of himself in the mirror.

Peter Anderson was born, raised up and still lives in London, England. He wanted to get a hair transplant done in the city of London itself before getting to know the average cost of hair transplant UK. Peter is a millionaire and the cost didn’t bother him much, but mind you, Peter is a self-made millionaire and these guys want the value of each of their penny. Peter researched the best place to get a hair transplant by the best possible doctors at the most reasonable cost possible and it turned out that Turkey is unparalleled in the hair transplant business. Thousands of people travel each year to Istanbul, Turkey for a hair transplant. Peter could enjoy a vacation along with a hair transplant in the same amount of money so why bother about getting a hair transplant done in England anymore? Peter traveled to Turkey and fell in love with the country.

When Peter is not working, he is looking for the ways to improve himself. Peter is continuously developing his businesses and he is continuously developing himself as well. Peter hates communism and he is a hardcore atheist. He also believes that most religious clergies are corrupt and he is creating a blog completely dedicated to exposing the religious clergies of all religions. I am curiously waiting for his blog to be published soon.

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Google lover from Marmaris, Turkey booked an appointment for hair transplant with Dr T

Gamliel Epstein (name changed) is a Turkish gentleman from the popular coastal city called Marmaris. It is a stunning city like no other in Turkey. Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful cities, towns and villages in the world but nothing comes close to Marmaris in my arrogant opinion.

Gamliel is 35 and never married. Gamliel very firmly believes that recreational sex is the greatest sin and our suffering is a result of the sin of Adam and Eve which was the same. Yes, he claims that they had recreational sex despite the strong warning of the Yahweh.

One of Gamliel’s best friends who is of the same age has lost most of the hair on his head and Gamliel claims that it is the result of excessive recreational sex. Gamliel first lectured him and then showed him tons of hair transplant before and after male pictures.

This friend of Gamliel whom we will call Yacov here, has already booked an appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T for the hair transplant.

Yacov claims that education is an outdated institution and all you need is Google. I just hope that Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu didn’t complete his education through Google, lol. I wonder would this guy go for a hair transplant to someone who got educated through Google and no medical school or institution.

Yacov has a petite wife who feels very envious of the women with hourglass bodies. She feels even more envious of the women whose husbands have a head full of glowing and thick hair which is very rare.

Yacov owns 2 penthouses and before getting married he only used to date air-hostesses and that’s when he found his current wife.

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In the pursuit of happiness, Brazilian-Indian woman really got lucky

Bulbul Mathur (name changed) is an Indian woman currently married to a Brazilian man whom she met in Goa. They both fell in love with each other at the first sight. We will call Bulbul’s current husband Roberto here. Roberto kept visiting Goa to meet Bulbul. Finally, Roberto decided to take Bulbul along with him to Brazil and marry her there. Bulbul was more than happy with this decision of Roberto.

Bulbul and Roberto have a great relationship going. Roberto loves to tease Bulbul by checking out other girls. Roberto and Bulbul have a kid on the way and Bulbul since then has been constantly chasing the state of what they call Turiya in Hinduism. Turiya is the state when you become so engrossed and blissful in the activity that you are doing that you forget about everything else.

Somebody told Bulbul that if she stays happy all the time, her upcoming baby too will be happy all the time. So, in the pursuit of more happiness, she bought a couple of tickets of different lottery organizations and she really got lucky with lucky day. On the day of lucky day lottery’s result (resultado dia de sorte) when Bulbul discovered that she has won over 8 million Brazilian Reals, she literally had tears of joy in her eyes.

Bulbul and Roberto both hate the show-offs and it is obvious that they are not going to spend the winning amount in any of the show-off stuff. Most likely, they will invest the money in their upcoming baby’s better future. For now, they have put all the money in the bank and haven’t decided yet where to spend or invest a penny out of it.

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Georgian man gets hair transplant by Turkey’s Dr T on fiance’s demand

Yoshio Lev (name changed) is a 43 year old Georgian gentleman from the city of Augusta, Georgia who believes that lack of money is the root of all evil. Yoshio wants to be capable of affording everything in the world. Yoshio was born in an Orthodox Christian environment and they told him the opposite there.

Yoshio recently married for the second time and his fiance wanted to wait for at least a couple of years before they get married. Meanwhile, Yoshio was busy working all the time and within this time, he became almost half bald. Yoshio’s fiance gave him an ultimatum and told him to get your hair back or forget about me.

Yoshio had no other way but a hair transplant to get the hair on his head back. He chose Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T from Turkey for the purpose. Yoshio booked an appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu for March of 2018 and everything went better than he expected.

Yoshio now thanks his then fiance and now wife’s demand to make him get his hair back so much. Now hair transplant after 3 months, he looks so dashing.

Yoshio’s wife says that she wasn’t willing to get down to his level but rather pull him up to hers.

Yoshio’s wife is no controlling drama queen but she has a sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Whatever it is, it only results in the betterment of herself, her family and the people that she surrounds herself with in general most of the times.

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Self-made tycoon loves to buy his ties online

Miao Harrison (name changed) is an Australia industrialist who like all other industrialists wants to see that cash flow all the time. Miao is his own person, he doesn’t care about the social norms and stuff in his personal life. Like behind the curtains, he applies ladies’ whitening deodorant for a smoother skin.

Miao’s one and only is busy playing games on his Xbox all the time which Miao hates him for. Miao tries his best to get him involved in his business but his son doesn’t like or care about the business at all.

Miao hates weak people who cry and whine all the time and you will perhaps be surprised to know that his wife is one of those.

Miao started his career as a tour guide and today he is a multi-millionaire. Miao owns a shipping company as well and he loves to see those sea waves.

Miao claims that all his businesses have been seeing a slower growth rate than expected for the past 7 years but his businesses have been expanding nonetheless. Miao also claims that he never played a victim in his life and he always had this rough and tough persona which he inherited from his grandmother who was the toughest woman he ever saw.

He remembers how his grandmother and Miao were once off to do shopping for the whole family before a relative’s wedding when Miao was a little kid. Outside a tie store, 2 thieves grabbed his grandma’s purse and his grandma alone kicked their asses like in a movie. The crowd nearby was also involved in catching the thieves but his grandma was acting like the popular fictional character ‘Wonder Woman’.

Miao nowadays does most of the shopping for himself online and he recently bought some ties from

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California girl going to Java, Indonesia this winter for vacation

Hillary Barkat (name changed) was born to a British-American father and a Jewish mother in the city of Oakland, California. Growing up in California, Hillary always had something bad to say about the state of California and same was the case with her parents. They all wanted to move to Florida but couldn’t as Hillary’s parents had next to excellent full-time jobs in Oakland, California.

Hillary’s friends in school always accused her of being a narcissist. They called her arrogant and claimed that she utters her decision like it’s the final, eternal and sovereign one. They always told her that she speaks like she is telling them something.

Hillary has always been trying to move to Florida permanently and she recently applied for a job in Delray, Florida. She has been selected for the second round of interviews which is going to take place in Delray itself. The first round of interviews occurred online.

Whether Hillary gets selected for the Delray job or not, one thing is for certain that she is going to Jogja, Java, Indonesia this winter holidays for a vacation and she has already booked all the arrangements including Jogja car rental aka rental mobil Jogja.

Hillary recently started an online general store that caters to all of Europe and United States of America with 2 of her friends. Hillary’s task is doing the product research, another friend who is a programmer, his job is updating the website and the third one is a Facebook advertisement specialist, his job is to post Facebook advertisements at the lowest bids possible. They haven’t been successful yet but they are trying their best to.

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Wayne Rooney’s Turkish fan getting a Fue hair transplant in December this year

Bilal Dede (name changed) is a 50 year old Turkish gentleman from the district of Silopi. Although Bilal is Turkish, he is a huge fan of English footballer Wayne Rooney and inspired by Wayne Rooney, he is getting a Wayne Rooney style Fue hair transplant in December this year. Fue Hair Transplant Cost 2018 is chachki compared to the benefits it offers, but make sure to get your hair transplant done by one of the top doctors like Bilal. Bilal has chosen the best of the best aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T for his hair transplant. Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu is the busiest doctor when it comes to a hair transplant and that’s why Bilal couldn’t get an appointment sooner than the month of December.

Bilal is a very action oriented person and his financial and personal life success has even made him a nicer person. Bilal wanted to be a multi-millionaire when he was just a teen and he successfully has become one. Bilal is one of the exceptional people who believes that resources are more than wants and needs, people are just too lazy to realize it.

Bilal is also writing an e-book about the 70s era in Turkey. He is going to mention in his book what things have changed since then in his country and what it was like growing up in the 70s in the stunning country called Turkey.

Bilal started his career as a truck driver back in the late 80s and in the 90s he owned his own trucking business. It was a rough ride for Bilal to become a multi-millionaire from a mere truck driver but he enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Sicilian lady got the hair on her temples back with natural methods

Jules Rossi (name changed) is an Sicilian woman from the city of Syracuse. Have you ever seen Syracuse in reality or in the pictures? It looks just like the island country of Malta and Gozo.

Jules had a high school reunion back in the month of January this year. Jules is 43 now and looks better overall than she looked back when she was in the high school but a so-called friend of Jules who has always been envious of Jules pointed to her that Jules is losing the hair on her temples.

Jules never observed that herself before but after that envious friend of her pointed out that to her, the first thing that Jules did after reaching her home was got out her older pictures and compared her hair with that in those pictures. The hair loss on temples was indeed noticeable.

The hair loss wasn’t much enough to get a hair transplant but it wasn’t something that she could reverse with better shampoos either. Jules asked her daughter Valentina to search for new hair growth solutions on an internet search engine and Valentina did the same. The result that appealed most to Valentina was the one by Dr T’s Hair Transplant Clinic website, the rest all results were either sponsored by the Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate Program. Valentina sent the link to her mother Jules through Whatsapp and Jules decided to get regular scalp massage, apply natural new hair growth essential oils and create and apply a self-made hair growth tonic. Within 3 months, Jules started seeing the results and within 8 months she got all the hair on her temples back.

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Emotionally draining travel addict had the best experience in Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Larissa Pichler (name changed) is an Austrian lady who was born and raised up in the city of Innsbruck, Austria. Larissa got addicted to heroin when she was a teen. That was the darkest period of her life, she claims. Larissa has been clean for over a decade now. Everybody in Larissa’s family has an addictive personality, Larissa claims, especially her father’s side. Larissa’s sister Mua is addicted to vodka, red bulls, beer and whiskey. The worst part is that Mua doesn’t have any plans to drop her addiction to these things any time soon.

Larissa’s brother Aaron is addicted to traveling and in the month of September this year, he enjoyed a tour of Yogyakarta. The trip was booked by Paket wisata jogja and it was one of the best tourism experiences for Aaron ever.

Larissa always had a rocky relationship with her siblings. Larissa claims that her sister Mua is insecure and manipulative and her brother Aaron is extremely emotionally draining. He loves to be pleased all the time and it is never enough for him no matter how much you try to please him.

Larissa claims that she is a very responsible person and she takes full responsibility for everything.

Larissa’s father tried to kill himself several times while high on alcohol and her mother had a habit of destroying everything and everyone.

Larissa claims that everyone in her family used to depict strange behavior except herself.

Larissa joined a motorcycle club when she was 19. She loves riding the motorcycles but she hated the people there in the motorcycle club as well. She left the club only after a couple of months.

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Ambitious Australian girl has a phenomenal memory and even her personal trainer can’t appreciate it enough

Rylee was recently being stalked by this older guy everywhere. This older guy had a box filled of pictures of her that he downloaded from Rylee’s Facebook account. Rylee has a freak memory and she proves it multiple times a day. One of the recent examples of her freak memory is that she remembered the contact details of an online personal trainer Australia which she only had a glimpse of and used it to refer this online personal trainer to her friends because she could tell just by looking at the trainer’s website that this online personal trainer is really something.

Rylee believes in winning in the real world not in dreams or imaginations. Rylee was raised by catholic parents who still hold on to the traditional faith. Rylee doesn’t approve of any religion but she believes that souls exist. Since the day Rylee started crawling, her parents could tell that this kid is going to be a rebellious one and positively so. Rylee loves to eat strawberries and seedless dates.

Rylee’s parents think that she is immature and arrogant; but Rylee claims that she is always busy planning about the future and she gets so involved in it that she forgets to smile and behaves impulsively during that.

Rylee’s short term (5 years) goal is to buy a ranch and transform it into a township. She plans to name it ‘Little Malta’ and she plans to base the architecture completely like that in the Maltese villages.

Rylee has been recently wasting a lot of her time on movies, online chatting, gaming, cartoons, literature and music. She plans to eliminate all these things entirely from her day. Let’s see if she can do it.

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English Mother and Son living in Brazil won 100 Million Brazilian Reals

Samantha Le Bon (name changed) is an English woman living in the beautiful small Brazilian town called Iguape for the last 3 months, before this, she used to live in Rio de Janeiro where she worked as a hotel receptionist.

Samantha used to be a party doll back in her younger days when she used to live in London where the family had been living for at least past 10 generations. Samantha moved to Brazil back in 2010 with her son who was 15 back then.

Samantha was in debt till the month of June this year. She spent all her money on VAT, hotels, food, and attorney fees.

Samantha’s son believes that he has a solution for every problem. Samantha once told him about her desire to have a bungalow in the small and beautiful coastal town called Iguape and he in the desperation for finding a solution to make a quick buck came across this article about Rio de Prêmios. Samantha listened to her son and the mother and son duo won 100 Brazilian Reals with that one decision. It all happened in the month of June this year. The mother and son duo were eyeing an old mansion in the Iguape town for months that was listed on almost every Brazilian real estate website.

Samantha struggled with smoking addiction all her younger years and it was the birth of her son that changed it all for her. She never touched that cigarette since the day she got to know that she was pregnant.

Samantha’s great grandfather used to be a very powerful man during the Winston Churchill era.

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Millionaire Celebrity Scientist uses this shower soap scum remover

Flavian (name changed) is a celebrity scientist. Flavian is also one of the richest scientists in all of United States and perhaps the world. Flavian loves abundance and he was always like that when it came to the money. Flavian’s father used to be a prosecutor and his mother was a private tutor.

Flavian’s son recently got a scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge but Flavian wants him to stay in the states.

Flavian believes in free market and hates communism. Flavian was born to the wealthy landlords and although his parents were filthy rich, they never let it become a barrier in Flavian’s life.

Flavian like his parents believes in excellence and success follows itself. An atheist, Flavian recently went to a healing church workshop. How ironic!

Flavian does a lot for the welfare of American farmers and he has helped them build several inventions to save water and electricity for their business. Flavian has this peculiar quality of looking at everything from the angle of solution.

Flavian has lived in some of the coldest regions and countries of the world including Alaska, Greenland, Kazakhstan and Estonia. Flavian believes that success is a gradational process and it doesn’t come overnight. He also believes that hard work is more important than the smart work. The most beautiful thing he believes he ever saw was a glacial erratic in Estonia.

Flavian hates the scums in his shower and he buys the most expensive shower soap scum remover that is there in the market.

Flavin’s father also used to do fitness modeling and he was featured in Olivia Newton John’s Physical music video as a hot fitness freak.

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Lucid Dreamer from Belgium chose Turkey when it came to getting a hair transplant done

Howard likes to have long discussions on his favorite topics. He claims that he doesn’t talk anything meaningless and each of his word has some juice in it. He loves to know the thoughts of other people on his favorite topics. Most of his favorite topics are somehow related to self improvement stuff. Howard hits the gym 5 days a week.

Howard is always found researching about more skills, more talent, better health and longevity. Howard only likes to make friends with high achievers. When Howard was a teenager, he didn’t care at all about getting his first kiss, he was too busy with self improvement and studies.

Howard is into lucid dreaming and he loves it when he gets a vivid dream. At least 4 days a week, he dreams vividly. From the onset of the year 2018, Howard was having extreme vivid dreams about getting the hair on his head back. Howard is 39 now and he lost more than half of the hair on his head by the time he was 37.

Howard took an intelligent step in the month of March of this year and researched thoroughly where to get the best and cheapest hair transplant. The hair transplant cost in Turkey turned out to be the cheapest compared to the fantastic quality that hair transplant specialist doctors had to offer. Howard traveled all the way from Ghent, Belgium to Istanbul, Turkey to get hair transplant done in the month of April this year.

Howard loves to give advice to the newbies on internet forums, chatrooms and places like that. Howard has been spreading a word about the Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic everywhere on the internet including internet forums, chatrooms and social media since he got it done on himself so perfectly.

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The Quality of MBBS in Bangladesh is the second best in Indian Subcontinent

Aadesh is a Chennai boy who was raised up by his parents to become a doctor. His mother and father were the best buddies in school and then in college. Ultimately, the friendship ended in marriage. They both wanted to become doctors but ended up becoming pharmacists.

There is not a single doctor in Aadesh’s maternal or paternal family and that’s what stimulates Aadesh to become one more than anything else. One uncle of Aadesh likes to taunt him all the time with saying “Do a course in Hotel Management.” Aadesh, his sister and his parents just laugh off on it and never take it seriously.

Aadesh is a very passionate being from the very beginning. Aadesh is a little weird too. He starts dancing on the streets if he is very happy about something. He also has a quality or issue, whatever you may want to call it, that he only believes something to be true only if he sees it, otherwise he doesn’t believe anything.

Aadesh’s younger brother (Tambi) wants to be a movie actor in the Tamil cinema. Tambi never tells about his dream of becoming a movie actor to anyone other than his elder brother Aadesh. Tambi’s passion for becoming a movie actor has also risen due to Aadesh not getting an admission in any Indian medical school after trying so hard. Aadesh got an admission in a Bangladeshi medical college but Tambi is very skeptical about the quality of MBBS in Bangladesh.

Aadesh is certain that the quality of an MBBS in Bangladesh is as good as in India. He knows a couple of gentlemen and ladies who studied MBBS in Bangladesh and are now practicing in the United States and Scandinavian countries.

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Dreaming of owning a mansion in Roland Park Baltimore may turn into a reality for this smart lady

Gore is a Baltimore lady who used to drink the full of lead water of Baltimore, Maryland until about 4 years ago. The greatest tragedy is that Gore was born and raised in the city of Baltimore and already knowing that the water she is drinking is full of impurities, she had to drink it. Gore never liked the neighborhood she lived in but she still had to live there because she couldn’t pay the rent for an apartment in any other neighborhood.

Today, Gore lives in a nice, big and plush apartment in the popular and historic neighborhood of Otterbein. She has 3 RO systems in her house. Her RO systems include an APEC Top Tier Ultra Safe, Home Master TMAFC Artesian and an EcoPure ECOP30.

Gore wants to have a mansion in the legendary and historic neighborhood of Roland Park in Baltimore itself one day, but it will take her years if not decades to get there with the pace she is growing but with the smarts she possess, it may happen really fast.

So, you may be wondering about the secret behind Gore’s success? How come this lady who couldn’t own a RO system has grown up so much so fast financially? Here is the secret – An aunt of Gore who lives in Northern Sweden called Gore one rainy day and told her that she had a very vivid dream about Gore winning a lottery. Gore took it too seriously and she bought a couple of lottery tickets to see if this dream of her aunt can really come true. Would you be surprised if I tell you that Gore really won one lottery? Gore took home 750, 000 US Dollars and with 400, 000 US dollars out of those, she bought an apartment in Otterbein, a brand new Honda Accord EX and a Toyota Camry. Rest 250, 000, she invested with a Financial Planner in Prescott.

The financial planners have been earning her a profit of 8500 US Dollars on an average per month which is much more than Gore expected.

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Catholic Father and Son love their morning jog and their MadOxx sweatshirts

In the year 2015, Jeff, an all-American Catholic boy from Idaho was found all day chatting on different Slack Chat groups. His parents used to be angry on him for this. His friends used to call him a basement prowler which he indeed was.

Jeff’s parents had a difficult marriage but they didn’t divorce due to strong Catholic upbringing. They used several different techniques to get closer to each other and some of those worked while some didn’t. They never consulted a so-called relationship coach because they know they all are phonies.

Jeff’s parents rarely get intimate with each other and most of the time they spend together is watching television or playing video games. Yes, they love their X-Box and can play video games round the clock.

Jeff’s father recently raised funds for his new company. He was also considering pitching on Shark Tank but the producer of the show didn’t allow him to come on the show because his product is very usual and cannot bring any growth in the TRP.

Jeff’s grandfather and grandmother were both PhD in economics and they found it almost useless. That’s why they ensured that Jeff’s father becomes an engineer, lawyer or a doctor. Jeff’s father is a lawyer. It took him 12 years to become successful.

Jeff and his father love to spend time together and both go for a morning jogging session every morning together. Recently, Jeff’s father bought some activewear for himself and Jeff from MadOxx at unbelievable prices.

Jeff was recently wounded while jogging. He has been lying for a couple of days listening to nothing but death metal music on his earphones. Jeff loves to sleep too much and he is enjoying his wounds indirectly.

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Czech boy who claims to be the defacto Kingpin of his own secret world ordered bluetooth earphones with mic

Asher (name changed) is a Czech boy who got his popular subreddit recently banned. I would not like to name the subreddit and what it was about here, but it had over 7000 subscribers and it was really gaining momentum before it got ban-hammered.

Asher has a hot like hell tall blue-eyed blonde girlfriend. Asher is a chad himself. Recently, the parents of Asher bought their ancestral house back for 25 times the amount that they sold it for. Asher was against buying this house in Brno, but nobody would listen to him.

“Asher is the defacto kingpin of his own secret world and he is sitting on nothing less than a throne”, Asher keeps on telling this to his friends.

Asher recently wanted to buy bluetooth earphones with mic. There are very few reliable local Czech online shopping websites and Asher was too confused where to buy it, but then he found out the Pample Mousse. The website looked too promising to Asher and he is still waiting for his earphones to arrive. Once they do and if Asher likes everything about his earphones, he will also suggest the Pample Mousse to his friends.

Asher’s mother is a huge believer in inorganic physics (astronomy) and Asher’s father and Asher himself hate astronomy. Both father and son do not believe in anything supernatural.

Asher’s mother tells him how Asher used to be a restless and naughty baby and his sister was quite the opposite. She was always calm and quiet.

Asher and his family recent went on a vacation to the Republic of China and there in a museum they saw the world’s first ever cannon that was invented in the 12th century.

Asher deeply admires the Brian Tracy (motivational speaker) and has read almost each and every book by him. He also loves to listen to his videos.

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Heiress ordered Prescott Kitchen Remodel Company for her Kitchen Renovation for the best results

Maxwell is a 24 year young all American boy who was born and raised in poverty. Maxwell didn’t complete his high school due to the bad financial conditions of his parents and he had to start working full time at a department store when he was 16. Maxwell also did lots of petty internet businesses on the side that required zero to little investment.

Maxwell’s parents and grandparents are devout protestants. Maxwell wants to achieve the pinnacles when it comes to wealth no matter what it takes. Maxwell is a very handsome young man and he has this distinct aura and magnetism that attracts lots of ladies. There is this rich girl named Hannah whom Maxwell met when he was 23. She fell in love with Maxwell the moment she saw him. She found a lame excuse to talk to him for a while and also found an excuse to exchange numbers with him.

Hannah invited him for a dinner couple of days later and Maxwell went for it. After the third date, she fell more in love with Maxwell. Hannah likes to overspend on dates and she also used to drop Maxwell to his house in her Bentley Mulsanne.

Hannah proposed Maxwell to marry her in the month of July this year, Maxwell was waiting for this moment. Maxwell would do anything to become rich. Hannah is a rich heiress and super-crazy for Maxwell. Maxwell is climbing that success ladder and they are about to marry in the month of November this year. Hannah has already given order to the most popular Prescott Kitchen Remodel company to get the kitchen of their new house remodeled.

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Keeping a check on 14 carpet stores with XMEyepc

Presley was born to strict Christian parents and they tried their best to make him believe in God, but Presley was a very rebellious secular atheist from the very beginning.

While Presley was in high school, he started working at a small department store. Both the owner of the store and Presley used to watch one of the most popular shows of the time Kenan and Kel together. The owner used to act like the owner of the Rigby’s store in the show Chris and Presley used to act like Kenan and Presley even had a clumsy friend like Kel who would often visit Presley at the Rigby’s and ruin things for him.

When Presley completed his school, he didn’t believe in going to the college and started a small carpet importing business instead. He would import handmade carpets from India and sell them to the retailers and the wholesalers in the USA.

Gradually, Presley’s business and profits rose and he started opening his own stores. Now, after 12 years of that, Presley owns 14 stores in the state of Texas. Managing 14 stores is a little hard and that’s where Presley’s wife Lilith also came in. Both husband and wife together manage their stores and now they have an app installed on their PCs to keep a watch on all 14 stores round the clock which you too can download from

Both Presley and Lilith hate wasting time on watching the television, social media, surfing internet for no reason, watching useless videos on the Youtube and the like stuff. They are childless currently and are confused whether to have a child of their own or adopt a kid from India or Africa.

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Republican Brewery Owner couldn’t resist top-notch Chinese Brewery Equipment

Mark Newman is a 35 year old man who has become very successful at a very young age. Mark was only 20 when he started his first successful online second hand products marketplace. The marketplace was nothing like eBay or any other big second hand marketplace available online but it made Mark a lot of profit and also gave him a lot of confidence.

When Mark was 21, he started flipping domain names as well. Buying domain names at low prices and selling them at as much 15 times the price that he bought them for.

Mark’s father was a philosopher and a clothing store owner. Both father and son used to be great Phil Collins fan, and they can’t forget the day when they traveled all the way to the London from the Kansas City in the 1991 to visit his concert.

A dedicated Republican, Mark tries to promote the Republican party as much as he can. At the same time, when Mark started his own small brewery in the Laramie, Wyoming, he ordered all the brewing equipment from a Chinese company based in Ningbo city that goes by the name Yolong.

Isn’t it contradictory? While the Republicans try their hardest to lower down the ever-growing Chinese economy, they still can’t resist buying the Chinese products. This is how most Republicans are like, they are all “hypocrites.”

Mark’s wife Samantha has recently got interested in “Nudism” and she walks around naked all the time. She says that clothes are unnatural and try her best to convince Mark also to go nudist. She also takes a bath 3 times a day.

Mark has been focusing fully on his newly opened brewery because each day he has 90 minutes extra now. His orthopedist has asked him not to do any exercise for the next 6 months after he got a fracture in his leg.

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Full-Time Internet Troll and Gamer turned into a successful businessperson


Connor used to be a full-time time waster just about 15 months ago. Connor’s father is a very successful businessman having 4 mansions with one being at the Palm Beach.

Connor played video games all the time after coming back from the college and while at college, all he did was tried to impress girls. Connor also was a serial chatroom troll. You just name an English language chatroom, that was built before or during the year 2016 and Connor has trolled it.

Connor’s father would always ask him to stop playing video games and start a business or bodybuilding as a hobby, but Connor would never listen to his father’s advice. Connor’s life totally changed when he was trolling a chatroom and he saw people talking about lack of finance required to start the business that they have a perfect plan for. Connor felt so guilty that here he is, with lots of money and a father who can act as a mentor for him and all he does is play video games or troll chatrooms all day, and there are these guys who have great business plans and are willing to work so hard but they don’t have any money.

Connor went to his father and told him that he wants to start a business. Connor’s father had a perfect plan for starting a mirror business where he would import the decorative mirrors from China and use those on different products, he just didn’t have the time and he was waiting for Connor to work on it.

The father helped Connor build a relationship with one of the top glass companies in China, the company’s name is gindeglass. Since then Connor has been importing decorative glasses from the same company situated in Xingtai , Hebei Province, China and selling it both offline and online. His company is making over 1000 dollar a day on an average and it’s been only about 15 months. Connor has some big plans for the future and I wish him all the best.

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Young and Ambitious Tennessee Youtuber loves to go fishing

Gisele is a 23 year young Tennessee lady with lots of ambitions. After completing her graduation in the business administration, Gisele didn’t even apply for a job. She considers 9-5 jobs modern day slavery and claims that she will never work for anyone else till her last day. Gisele instead started freelancing and provided several of her services on the internet and along with that she also started a Youtube channel. One of the most favorite hobbies of Gisele is fishing and she visits the Tennessee river at the end of each week in hope for catching a blue catfish one day. She has some of the best spinning reels which is very proud of. On her Youtube channel also she uploads videos teaching how to fish, where to fish in the United States and what things to keep in mind while fishing.

Gisele has many hamsters at home which she loves to play with. Gisele wants many children and she wants all sons. You may call her a misogynist for that but she is not, she has some specific reasons for wanting sons. In Gisele’s opinion, women are just grown up children and she considers herself an exception.

Gisele’s legs start shivering whenever someone tells her that ultimately she will end up working at a 9-5 job. Gisele cannot recall how many times she has heard Les Brown’s same motivational speech which is very popular for his statement “You can either live your dreams or you can live your fears.” Gisele never lived her fears and she is on her way to live her dreams. I wish her all the best with all my heart, mind and soul. I know that she will face many challenges in her path but she will ultimately succeed if she keeps her spirit alive.

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Ex-stock broker turned into a kids’ clothing manufactuter

Ignacio is a 32 year old man living in the beautiful Brazilian city of Campinas. Ignacio’s life has been full of ups and downs yet. Ignacio when still in college, started investing in stocks. He used to work part-time at a boutique hotel after the college and with the money he earned working at the hotel, he would buy stocks. Initially, it was always a win-win game for Ignacio. The prices of the stocks that Ignacio bought would always go up. This led Ignacio to spend more time thinking about buying and selling stocks and spending less time into his studies.

Even after being an intelligent student, Ignacio’s grades weren’t good enough in the final college examinations. He decided to get into full-time stock holding. In the first year, Ignacio tripled his money, but in the next 5 years, Ignacio was only losing money. This made Ignacio a depressed alcoholic.

Ignacio started staying idle. He didn’t do anything but bought lottery tickets and tele sena draw numbers now. Ignacio had already taken loan and he was planning to run away if he isn’t able to pay out the loans he had taken. But as they, God is patient, finally Ignacio won 6 million Brazilian Reals in the tele sena draw.

Ignacio’s depression and his alcohol addiction all disappeared overnight and he payed out all his loans. One of Ignacio’s school friends has been running a kids’ clothing factory for over a decade now. Ignacio asked him all about the business and his friend told him everything that he knew honestly.

Ignacio has shifted to the Campinas from Olinda since then where his friend’s factory is also located and has been running his factory successfully. He recently got orders from one of the major American clothing brands. If Ignacio keeps away from the alcohol and other bad habits, he will one day be a multi-millionaire.

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Mongol-Swedish Man loves hunting with his bow in Mongolian Jungles

Batbayar was born and raised in the Darkhan city of Mongolia. When Batbayar was 18, he moved to Ulaanbaatar to look for a job. Batbayar only completed junior high school, after that he worked 2 years at his uncle’s grocery store who accused him of stealing money, after Batbayar was accused of the crime he never committed, he moved to Ulaanbaatar.

In Ulaanbaatar, Batbayar got a job at a real estate agency. The job was simple, Batbayar was required to show houses and offices to the prospects. Batbayar was happy with his real estate agency job, it had already been 3 years, and the owner of the real estate agency was so happy with Batbayar’s honesty and his skills to convince the prospect that he was paying him the salary equivalent to an electrical engineer in Mongolia.

After 2 more years, Batbayar started thinking of starting his own real estate agency as he thought he was too smart for working for someone else and he also found his salary lower compared to what he thought he deserves. He inaugurated his own real estate agency on the date that he considers to be his lucky number – 13th, April 2010. He was 23 at that time and about to be 24. He named his real estate agency – ‘Batbayar’s Homes and Offices’.

Within 3 months, Batbayar’s real estate agency became a huge success. He was making 4 millon Mongolian Togrogs per month from the fourth month onwards to the 7 month. By 10th month, he was making 7 million Mongolian Togrogs per month.

With Batbayar’s growing income came many hobbies and one of those hobbies is hunting. Batbayar loves to hunt down Ibex, Wild Sheeps, and Goats with his bow and best bow sight. He once took his uncle who accused him of stealing to the hunting sight to show him his new lifestyle and as they say “success is the greatest revenge”. His uncle was about to piss his pants with jealousy seeing Batbayar’s lavish lifestyle.

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